Outscape on Early Access

We are pausing Early Access sales while we work on securing the long-term future of Outscape. The servers and galaxies will continue to run as normal in the meantime and the team is determined to move forwards.

Hi everyone,

A year ago we launched Outscape on Early Access. Since then our team has remained actively committed to improving the game to get it to the level of quality necessary for a full release. We’re not there yet – but we’ve made a hell of a lot of progress in the last year (and over the years preceding Early Access).

Admittedly it’s been tough at times. We’re a very small team trying to crack an immensely challenging genre and we haven’t been able to move as fast as we’ve wanted.

But we are extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve so far. In the last few months alone we’ve added the faster Awaken the Dark game mode, newbie protection, more automation (guard fleets, asteroid mining, auto-transfer), alliances, fleet docks, false flag operations, exploration history and numerous UI/gameplay/balance improvements! And maintained a very favourable Steam review score

Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this alone. Your help, feedback and support has been an instrumental part of the game’s development and we remain forever grateful to you all. And we hope to be able to continue to count on your support as we attempt to navigate the challenges ahead.

The next chapter

Despite reinvesting all of the proceeds of Early Access sales directly back into development, we find ourselves in a position where a full release of Outscape is still a long way off. And to get there, we’re going to need additional outside help and investment – something we’ve been able to avoid until now.

So we’ve recently begun talks with publishers and are trying to figure out a path forward that will lead to a successful full release of Outscape. There are concerns from prospective publishers around our pricing model and that we’re already selling on Early Access (it’s understood we remain committed to no ‘Pay to Win’ and that those that have already purchased on Early Access would not have to buy the game again). Which is why we’ve paused further Early Access sales. Income from sales is negligible at the moment anyway so pausing Early Access sales doesn’t affect our current financial position. We have enough external funding remaining to take us to next year.

The servers and galaxies will continue to run as normal for now and we’ll endeavour to keep it this way so long as enough players want us to. We’re still working on the game. A new patch is on the way and we’re about to carry out some improvements to our server environment to address the disconnection issues some of you have reported recently.

In the meantime we’ll continue to pursue the options and will keep you updated with any significant developments when we can.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support

– The Outscape Dev Team


Rest in Peace. :-/

Will more galaxies come out in the mean time?

I’ve been with you since the beginning, I will stay with you to the full completion of the game. Given the small size of the development team, I’ve always felt you were overly optimistic with the timelines of completion and possibly the Early Access release was too early.

There are non-pay to win ways to bring in more money, all of which has been discussed on the forums at various times. I hope you are all considering these options to bring in more revenue, as well as the other options you may consider once you talk with other professionals in the industry.

As long as you can keep the game running, fix the bugs and update us with some of the QOL changes as they come up, I’m happy to continue playing while your team finds further funding.


Indeed it is. I have played more MMOs that I can count and all 4X games worth playing since the masterful Masters of Orion and I am very impressed of what you have accomplished and although the news of publisher sounds but good and bad, I think still it will steer the game towards a greater audience with focus on casual gameplay and less harsh penalties for defeat and even just not being able to be logged on.

Regarding your payment model, I think you should consider introducing a cash shop with cosmetic items such as ship models/skins and maybe light gameplay boosts. Pay to win is a concern but with so many games having gameplay boosts in their cash shop, I think it can be managed if done correctly. I personally though would certainly pay for just cosmetic features such as new ship models, skins, logos etc. If that is the direction you are going then you should make a post about what people would consider buying if it was in the cash shop.


Thanks for the update… Would be happy to buy the game again… Maybe bending some no-pay-to-win would be the way to go, minor things like pay to truce… we’d just have to live with it…


I hope you guys succeed!

I would like to be able to come back and play again!


You can still play, they aren’t taking it down.

I think a lot of people are waiting for a new main…


I must say that there has been great progress on the bug front :slight_smile: Nearly all the bugs I used to have ages ago have gone. Excellent work. Thanks.


I’ve been with Outscape for a number of servers and I’ve really enjoyed playing - and the community interaction. I would hate to see this whole project go south because of revenue.

I’d also be willing to buy it again, and/or pay for non-pay to win add-ons. I thoroughly agree that “pay-to-win” is a bad long-term idea for any game.


I also have been with Outscape from the beginning and have seen this game grow and mature into this outstanding game that it is today. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this game to make it what it is today and hope that you will get this game published some day soon.
Just wanted to let you developers and programmers know that I appreciate all you hard work.
Thank you :+1: :pray:


“If I look back I am lost.”

Keep going.

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I’ve been looking forward to play this game since i got a beta invite. I hope the game will carry on I dont mind making purchases as long as the game doesnt become PTW.


Thanks for letting us know the state of funding and development! I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth with Outscape… countless hours, fun memories, and a great community of friends and frenemies. I do hope a publishing deal works out - but if it doesn’t, please please please give us a chance to support you directly!


Yeah if publishers don’t work out I guess crowd funding is always an option. Not like MMO4X games are a dime a dozen.

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Someone always has to pay for the game on a recurring basis or the game will inevitably go broke. Many games make you pay a monthly fee. Perhaps charge a fee for a month play time on a particular server (how Eve does it). It could be a small fee, and it wouldn’t take much to pay for the server and some dev time. Even just a dollar per person per month would bring in $12 per person per year. (Eve charged $10 per person per month when I was playing it.) And if you provided multiple servers (example a slower Main server) then you very well might double that. Just a thought.