Outpost Game Mechanics


Now that we are here in Alpha 3, with a bunch of new players, and the subject has come up a few times I thought I would revisit the subject with a little more detail. First, here are two other threads on the subject. One more recent, the other a fair bit older.

Outposts original:

Outposts and mining:

Outpost Definition:

Outposts are small single-purpose self-sufficient stations that can be placed on a planet and do not count against colonization totals nor do they pay taxes. Technology could open up new types of outpost and increase the outpost habitability range.

Outpost Purpose:

Provide a method for expansion to and use of planets not otherwise viable for colonization.

Outpost Implementation:

My guess is that the advanced colonization modules could be repurposed to this - basically a “colonization” (outpost) module that drops other buildings along with it. If necessary (to make implementation easier) this could include the basics such as power plant and/or farm. Ideally though this would simply be 1 building that is self-contained. That should prevent additional complications in planet management screen.

Outpost Types and Technology:

These could easily be split into three chains (providing more technology options) but could also just be part of one. I will suggest the more complex version:

2 Tracks plus a general track - Mining, Military, Enhancements


(I would love to see the ability to just drop an outpost that supports up to X number of mines that we can just build, but I think that would be a much more complex implementation so I am suggesting a simpler process here.)

Mining outpost - 1 mine for 1 mineral

Mining Station - 2 mines for 1 mineral

Mining Complex - 1 mine for each mineral (remember, just keeping it simple)

Advanced Mining Complex - 2 mines for each mineral


Listening post (base “radar” station)

Repair depot (repair ships)

Listening post and fuel depot (listening post + olzine mine) - separate component and/or upgrade from listening post

Repair and fuel depot (repair depot + olzine mine) - separate component and/or upgrade from repair depot

Military outpost (listening post, fuel depot, repair depot all in one) - separate component and/or upgrade from previous 2


Bases should be able to colonize +/- 15 degrees from normal scale.

Environmental regulation: colonize +/- 30 degrees from normal scale.

Advanced environmental regulation: +/- 60 degrees from normal scale.

Extreme environmental regulation: +/- 120 degrees from normal scale

Gas Giant Outposts: Can place an outpost on gas giants

Scientific Survey - Planetary Prospecting

Altogether brilliant. Thank you, @prophet224

Tax exemption’s a great way to entice these workers. Reverse of them paying taxes, these installations should be costing you an unpleasant upkeep. Their workforce is presumably paid, their workforce pays no taxes, the production is yours to keep (unless some underhanded espionage is going on) and so not generating any revenues unless you yourself are selling it.


lvl1 outpost need a planet to be colonized in same system
lvl 2 and up , no need for colonization.
Optional Cargo modules to store the mined ore …


Hate to Necro a thread.*

But occurred to me if we had something like this we’d have something to Raid and invade that DIDN’T cripple us with corruption making warfare of conquest rather pointless at the moment??

*of course I had my fingers crossed when I said that.