Original Trello Discussion

For those who wish to see the history of discussions from early during the design of Outscape, here’s a link to the discussions that were held on Trello, long before A1 was started and before the forum became the place to discuss.

no link provided, can’t access this

Oh I thought it was just me. Try this
code https://trello.com/b/z53wzEFx/beyond-dark-roadmap-lets-build-beyond-dark-together /code

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I often wish we’d go back to trello, at least there we could see both the progress of development AND the overall desires of the community, good or bad.

Before my time unfortunately. But I still found it and use it to reference stuff.

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It provides an excellent “history” lesson for those who came along later and helps them to see what the original “vision” was for the game.