Orbital defense system

A player came within range of my planet and destroyed a fleet and my defense system did not even act. Does it work only against pirates?

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It only works if the player comes in orbit of your planet with an ODS on it. Also it depends on the strength of the armor on the attacking fleet, it can survive ODS with damage if it gets out of orbit quickly enough. No it’s good for player ship and pirates. Also there’s a 3 min cooldown between the ODS being activated, the battle might have been over within the 3 min and survived both the attack and original ODS hit.

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How many did you have? ODS have miniscule DPS and does only 75/150 dmg per 3 mins/180 s. At such the DPS is only 0.42/0.83 DPS with advantage that each ship in a fleet gets damaged (if fleet has more than one ship).

ODS is highly inefficient and you really need 20+ T2 ODS (3000 damage/3 mins) if you want them to have a chance to destroy a fleet of BS/Cruisers in a 3 min cycle.

I am guessing in your case you had too few ODS to destroy that fleet so he went in, destroyed your fleet, and then only took one round of damage from the ODS before he left orbit.

If you want good protection when online I suggest you get a minimum of 40 ODS and when offline 60+, ideally 100 if you can (most cant). Even then a player can flood your orbit with 1 ship fleets with 3000+ hull, which will absorb most of the damage as the ODS targeting is highly inefficient and the opposite of focus fire as, if more fleets than ODS, then each ODS will target only one fleet instead of focus firing down the fleets one by one.

Sad but that is the state of the only offline protection in the game worth using.

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i had 4 lvl 1 ODS in orbit at that time and the fleet showeed no damage when i looked at it.

He did not have any cruisers only 1 corvette and 4 scouts and i had4 ODS.

Cant explain why the fleet showed no damage as, although cloaking protects from ODS, it would have decloaked to attack your fleet.

My best guess is that he attacked and destroyed your fleet then the paltry 300 damage of your 4 ODS hit him, likely killing his scouts but not his corvette, and he got out.

In general I would not rely on ODS for defense unless you have lots and lots of them as they are very weak. Start with 10 T1/T2 early game and then move towards 40 T2 and aim for 60+ for endgame. That will make any colonies supporting less than 1 million pop useless for anything else but hey, that is how the game is designed I guess.

Even then they don’t make your colonies safe as I have had colonies lost, while offline, which had 57 ODS and 10 dread fleets in orbit. Colony defense, particularly when offline, in this game is very weak.

It is an almost universal issue in RTS type games. The offline attacker can always bring more to the party. ;(