Orbital Bomber Issue

So…I bombed the planet, taking care to ensure I stayed in orbit only long enough to get the 30 minute shot off. All went well. Then I received the results - 18 structures destroyed…and 53,000 inhabitants killed. According to the description, the Bomber only destroys structures, not population. The whole point wold seem to be to use the bombers to take out structures and then the orbital strike weapons to decreased defending troops. I figured out that, by the time I finished working my way through all of the protected and unprotected structures, there would be no population left to conquer…

Am I missing something here? This seems to make conquering a defended planet somewhat pointless.

Use OSC 5s, take the population down to almost nothing, and invade. This isn’t hard.

Or use orbital bombers to reduce buildings also, but then you’ll just have to rebuild them, so… whatever makes you happy, I guess.

Teeo - It isn’t hard if you enjoy getting shot up by orbitals. I prefer not to. My point here is that capturing a planet with population should be preferable to inheriting a lifeless rock. If, as seems to be the case, one derives no benefit, points wise, from avoiding genocide, then the game is lesser for it.

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Yeah I always found it easier to just bomb colonies to oblivion, and take the minerals, rather than invading and having to defend it. So you are right, there should be a benefit for both taking over planets by not committing mass genocide (like a temporary empire-wide happiness drop).

Also as it is now, once you hit the soft cap for corruption, what point is there to take over planets? Seems more like a liability. I guess as a staging area to further push inwards hostile territory…

Which is why you use OSC 5s, reduce the population until the ODS shut down (along with everything else), and then invade.

Point taken. That said, as Yamota rightly points out, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to go through the whole process in the first place - the reward doesn’t seem to justify the effort. I’d like to see a system that rewards the player for taking a planet WITHOUT mass genocide an destruction!

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It really depends on the situation. Capturing a strategic planet with a T3 shipyard, for example, can turn the tide of a war. Even a T1 shipyard that lets you repair, and reload ammunition, and related can make a big difference on a war front.

I also just like slaughtering populations for fun, but that may be a different issue.

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