Orbital Bombardment

I have never used Cruisers fitted with population killing weapons but when I use one ship it will kill, say 18000, population and if I use a fleet of the same ship (8 ships) it still only kills 18000 population. Is there a cap on how many are killed in each strike ? or is this a bug. As I say, I have never used or tried this so am unaware of the mechanics. Thanks.

Each ship kills x amount of population depending on what level you are using

So in your example, 8 ships (solo ships or all in one fleet) would kill 8 x 18000 pop

And no there isn’t a cap
So in theory 100 ships shooting at once would result in 100 x 18000 (per your example)

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Ok, then it looks like a bug. Thanks.

Hey Vorlon

Its very likely your doing something wrong rather then it being a bug, so make sure about the below things

Each Energy storm weapon uses 600 ammo to fire, so you need to make sure the ship has the needed ammo, make note not the “fleet” the actual ship, cause once they fire, the fleets ammo doesn’t get divided up between what is left. so click on the magnifying class to make sure the ship has at least enough ammo, cause if it doesn’t, it will STILL fire, it just wont do any dmg at the end so make sure you have enough ammo modules on the ship.


Hi, they were all brand new ships straight from the ship factory, so all had full everything ! (and the ship factory has millions of spare res so all ships loaded up fully). Thanks. PS each ship is produced with 9K ammo.

If you share a screenshot of the design, we can probably figure out the problem.

It looks like you’re Syntis on Main One, so you can fit 4 of those with the proper design. Which means one ship could absolutely do 18,000 damage (on average), depending on what tech level OSC you are using.

If you have 14 of them in a fleet, and they’re all carrying at least 2,400 ammo each, you could do … 14 x 18,000 = 252,000, again on average, per strike.

If you split them up into smaller fleets, well you can figure out the math.

Keep in mind that you can only kill (roughly) the total population on the planet, but that doesn’t sound like the problem you’re having, so it must be something else.

I bombed a lot of planets on Main One, so I’m very familiar with the mechanics involved.

Here it is. One ship did around 18k dmg yet the fleet of the same ships still only did 18k dmg. Thanks.

Everything about that design looks fine, except for fuel being a little silly (you can go 3 LY a little faster, woohoo. Add armor.). You had 14 of these ships in a fleet, with 9,000 ordnance on each, you ordered the fleet to launch an orbital strike, and only one fired?

That is very, very strange. I would ask @joe to check your battle logs, maybe he’ll find something none of us can see.

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A fleet of 17 of these will kill about 320k a shot.

kill count wrong (2)

Just used the same fleet to hit another planet, now its working as intended. Thanks.

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