Orbit Defense System [wiki page]




You need to describe to us what happens if you have 2 defences each can deliver 2000 damage. and a ship of 1500 hull enters… do both fire on the ship or just one… ie only 1 defence is in cooldown.


I’ll update the page to clarify shortly.

When there are multiple defences they work as if they were a single unit, with the stats calculated as shown on the wiki page - rather than one firing, and the second firing after at some interval.

This is by design. The main idea behind the orbit defense is to protect the home planet - particularly for new players - and to prevent fleets sitting in orbit of a planet and boxing the player in. A home planet will be difficult to lose, not impossible, while additional colonies formed on other planets can add orbit defense systems to supplement other defensive options such as military camps and having a defensive fleet in orbit. But we will listen to feedback from players once they’ve had a chance to test and reevaluate as necessary :slight_smile:


Disappointing, guess scouts will be sent in to trigger the weapon and then follow up with real fleets…


So one cheap scout decoy can take the hit/salvo of 20 orbit defense weapons rendering them basically useless. You then have an hour free from them hitting you back to mass attack any fleets in orbit. As ship to ship fights take seconds to complete an hour is along time for a recharge. Once the orbit above the planet is clear the planet is doomed to a bombardment and invasion right after a cheap decoy is used to render the recharged orbit defense structures useless for another hour.

Unless they fire sequentially a simple decoy scout ship prevents these from being a very useful defensive weapon. Just have to work in one hour blocks of time for the invading forces.

Then there is the issue of invasions having been sped way up. Small invasions are now taking three minutes. What will a large invasion take?


I think their stats shouldn’t stack, but the more you build the less cooldown they have. Basically having them fire one by one every now and then depending on how many you have. Would fix the problem stated above.


A prevention of this exploit might be an option to have the defense to only fire above a certain level (ship health). So the player have to send actual fleets to be sacrificed for the planet invasion


That might work quite well… If you’re defending with 10 hard fleets then you want those fleets to deal with smaller fleets… say weapon ignores anything below flag 6 or fire rate total of less than 400. all configurable.

I also feel they should fire independently, planetary scanners can detect the hull and fire appropriately… 20 weapons for 1000 each should only need to fire 4 to kill a 3500 hull leaving 16 left to fire on the next ship…

This isn’t OP by any stretch, 20 weapons is a monster investment that can currently be circumvented by 200 Farsu and 2 hours build… well someone can make 12 circumvents a day…

  • a full battleship fleet is around 30K hull so if the damage is spread then none of the ships die but they are weakened to a point where they would die quicker but still inflict damage.

I had hoped the weapon would allow a player to keep less in defence around a planet… 10 full fleets around a 7 planet system is 70 fleets… if this can be cut in half its a step forward towards allowing a player to have a fighting chance… currently if one player has 70 full fleets then a player with 10 systems (60 planets) would only have 1-2 fleets per planet to defend… completely impossible to win. You might draw if you move everything top speed to that location. The defender should have a better chance than to draw.

If you’re attacked by 4 players with 50 fleets each then its even harder with little chance your alliance can get anywhere near in 2 days… You’d have to split your forces 4 ways so 50 vs 20 is a clear defeat.

With intelligent defences then you would have a better chance, though should not be able to prevail against 4 players… but does help with time for help to arrive by wormhole…

I know I went off at a tangent but understand that all these things are connected.

I also think home planet weapon should not kill 100% invaders… that’s ridiculous… lets change this to 90%… or 95% that means I need to drop 2M people to take 100,000 army

Why the game designers think this helps a player I will never understand… so the homeworld survives… what is the point if everything else is gone? Sigh… Modifications @Noobperson and I have proposed go a long way to making the new content really meaningful…


Thanks for the additional feedback here. I’ll bring this feature up again with the rest of the team and see what the plan is for the next version. I agree that it makes sense that if there are X orbit defense systems, only the minimum required to destroy the intruder should fire (as has been described above, e.g. 10 * 1,000, hull of 200 armour enters, 1 defense fires, leaving the other 9 free and so on, with each recharging independently).


@joe @DeicidE @Noobperson

I agree that the minimum amount of weapons should fire to take out whatever is in orbit, and ONLY that weapon is in cooldown, so its much harder to game the system.

Weapon damage should be evenly dispersed between all ships.

HOWEVER, I also propose that Orbital Defense weapons ONLY fire at fleets that contain one or both of the following 1) Troop Drop Pods, 2) Weapons with Alpha damage higher than or equal to 80. This means that they actually WON’T target Spy/Mine Sweepers, Scouts, Cargo Ships, Colonizers, etc.

LATER ON HOWEVER, we should get a configurable panel that allows us to set what is targeted and what is allowed.

Orbital Defense Weapons SHOULD NOT fire on Cloaked Fleets, UNLESS there is a cloak detection module on a ship in the gravity well or orbit of the planet, or it has a special planetary scanner.