One more tip to dev team.... AND IM OUT! ...for now

You guys do these weekly news posts but there are literally less than 50 people playing the game right now. You guys have made a lot of progress. But don’t celebrate what the game can be until it becomes just that. The only thing that keeps me reading those posts is the hope that they will include a mention of coming updates.

The game has fallen flat and stale. We need something to keep us coming back. Regular server launches is one way of roping people back in but what we really need is content.

Here’s to hoping…!

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I think the devs are having to make hard choices between new content and balancing mechanics and fixing bugs. I would prefer they do the latter, as the game is in Early Access but you are right that people won’t stick around if they get bored.

Tough call really…

its the reason i stopped playing, the start is kind of interesting, but once you get to mid game what is there to do. Nothing really, it needs mid game content, things to explore things to find etc. Maybe some trading with the neighbours what ever but it needs mid game content.


It’s a fine balance in order to keep interest. I’m playing “at” the game, but not active atm because I’m bored. I’ll be back active again once there’s a new server, whichever one that is. I’m hopeful there will be some new content, but also balanced with bug fixes and balancing.

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