One month. One hundred


P.S. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Couldn’t even give my planet away. Left it on auto 95% of the time. lol



time for round two scored on master of warfare?

hope we can continue dorking around on skirmish server until next round is set to kick off.



Congratulations Pepelekus :clap:

We’ll be posting about this on the blog shortly. The Skirmish galaxy/scoring is still running but we took a snapshot of the scores around the time Pepelekus hit 100k.

I’m not sure when this galaxy will be getting wiped - but the original intention was that it would be not long after it had been won…

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A suggestion since skirmish ended sooner than everyone anticipated would be to leave it open until June 1 and allow everyone to try and get the highest score in Master of Warfare. Pepe excluded, since he already won the first round. This way it will allow those who didn’t make #1 in the first round, to use what they have already built up and try to get highest score in Master of Warfare.



Well done @Pepelekus :slight_smile: I see sombody gave me a beating while I have been on holiday! WELL DONE TO THEM AS WELL, I deserved it :slight_smile:

Greetings from Sunny Cornwall to you all BTW