OMG -- Who would have thought?!

the title about says it all – something incredible has happened.
i will share it with you guys, since i know you do care about skirmish 1.
a new overlord has emerged – a new power has established unquestioned dominion over that one poor galaxy.
i will not name any names, but that entity (as in mighty overlord) starts with “m” and ends on “orberus”.
industry-wise that titan is bound to be number one in sheer minutes.

and now… hold your breath. or suffocate on your vile synthetic oil … m.orberus is rushing to the help of a beleauguered father who is just trying to peacefully build an empire alongside his son (not a synthetic entity) and who was viciously attacked by a mad machine creature. these two poor souls might be driven out of skirmish 1 by a hostile force under the name of …

but now – since i am not only noble, but also humble, i will try to rectify the situation by myself. and when i am dead, i will ask all conscientious souls (SOULS – as in members of the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC) to carry on resisting that one particular … genocidal robot. hint. hint.