Ok is this a convention or something


So have been greeted with this tonight … Should I be worried?

To clarify this is THREE pirate fleets on top of each other at close in Zoom some of the ships appear MERGED together.

So is this a random thing or a Bug anybody?


I would say that is a visual bug when you click on the pirate fleets in galaxy view there should be 3 fleets listed.


its 2 fleets and one is in the same spot as the other. resulting in 2 ships at same spot but in different direction slightly. i had it quite a bit when organizing fleets.


This is correct. I just had not observed it before but yes three separate Pirate fleets on the exact same co ords. I just wondered if it was significant at all?


They are working on attack plans and resupply logistics. RIP U.


Oi best be puttin’ on me best captin’ Blygh Impressions then:
Forward the Missile Cruisers! Damn the star torpedoes full Olzine ahead!!!