Odd Problems with Private Game Chat

I am continuing to have problems with in game chat. I receive what I believe is a message notification, there is a number that shows up on the private chat section at the top and it isn’t the number of players I have within range, it is a smaller number, 1 or 2. I go to find the source of the information, I click on my non-muted players and the number disappears, the chat list moves up hiding the rest, but nothing appears in the chat window. If I select another player, it performs the same way. The list doesn’t stay still lol. Very hard to describe. I will try to video it and send it to you @joe privately. I think I’m getting messages, but I cannot find them.

Update: Chat is acting better now. Using it in window mode doesn’t work well though, can’t see what you are typing into the chat line.

@joe I am experiencing strange notifications with the private chat. When I send a pm, I soemtimes get the normal notification as if someone is msg’ing me. This happens quite often and the notification will hang there for awhile before going away

Thanks for reporting, so it looks like the issues are:

  • In windowed mode chat input field isn’t always visible
  • After sending a PM a notification to suggest a received PM appears before eventually disappearing

Are there any other issues with private messaging anyone has seen recently?