Occupied planet tag


Hi, not sure if this has been posted yet but would like to see the colocrs changed on the planet occupied tags changed. For some of us “older” players the dark red over black text is almost impossible to see from any distance. I personally need to get about 10" from my 50" lcd in order to be able to read the text. Maybe change the text to a bright red over the dark red so it is easier to read would be nice. Still would indicate a possible threat. Thanks.





In the future I hope when we can set other players (& Alliance mates) to different statuses (“Friends, Enemies, Allies, Non Aggressive etc etc” That would be the time to assign a different colour to each status.

Just make it a bright one like the man says!


Thirded - as a real oldie I concur


would be really nice to be able to add planet and solar notes that are view-able on mouse-over as well.