Not sure if Bug or feature? An automation Comment

So twice now as I have toggled automation ON or OFF on one world ALL world where the feature is switched on have immediately begun building projects completely draining my treasury!

Now I am in two minds how I feel about this. The Automaton seems to be doing a really good (almost too good!) job of handling the planet in general but if you teak one surely its not correct for ALL to re-trigger their management protocols en mass like this.

Members of PB will be pleased to know this sudden lack of cash will put back my plans of universal conquest by a few hours as the ship(s) I was about to build will be delayed while the old Credits rack up again :smiley:

Additionally as of this writing I am top of the industrialist leader-board, and I have to confess that’s entirely coz these manic build sessions I inadvertently have triggered have put me there! If Auto Build can jump you to the top of the league table like this it kinda devalues that table as it can be achieved through “easy mode” and not skilful Planetary development? No? Maybe?

So while I am quite impressed by the state of in game automation, it has a couple of things that squeak to me, not quite what I’d call bugs nor yet “features” hence putting this in General Discussion!

As I am wittering on… Might I suggest that the auto feature “kick in” if a player hasn’t been online for say a week? Reason I say that is that players will always quit the game or go on holiday or drop out for one reason or another. But it occurred to me that Automation could allow these in-actives present a proper challenge to take over/steal from instead of being the Christmas Gift they have been in previous iterations of the game!

Besides if you were say in hospital and came back three weeks later seeing your planets at least not in ruins from unintentional neglect would be a real incentive to get back in and play. As opposed the soul destroying vision of your game being possibly in ruins. That could make folks quit, and nobody wants that!

Just some thoughts! Opinions & comments please, how has Automation been working out for you.

I ran into the same issue on my home world. I have turned Automation off on my other planets as well… I have a feeling it may be impacting more than just 2 of us.