Not sure if Bug or feature? An automation Comment

So twice now as I have toggled automation ON or OFF on one world ALL world where the feature is switched on have immediately begun building projects completely draining my treasury!

Now I am in two minds how I feel about this. The Automaton seems to be doing a really good (almost too good!) job of handling the planet in general but if you teak one surely its not correct for ALL to re-trigger their management protocols en mass like this.

Members of PB will be pleased to know this sudden lack of cash will put back my plans of universal conquest by a few hours as the ship(s) I was about to build will be delayed while the old Credits rack up again :smiley:

Additionally as of this writing I am top of the industrialist leader-board, and I have to confess that’s entirely coz these manic build sessions I inadvertently have triggered have put me there! If Auto Build can jump you to the top of the league table like this it kinda devalues that table as it can be achieved through “easy mode” and not skilful Planetary development? No? Maybe?

So while I am quite impressed by the state of in game automation, it has a couple of things that squeak to me, not quite what I’d call bugs nor yet “features” hence putting this in General Discussion!

As I am wittering on… Might I suggest that the auto feature “kick in” if a player hasn’t been online for say a week? Reason I say that is that players will always quit the game or go on holiday or drop out for one reason or another. But it occurred to me that Automation could allow these in-actives present a proper challenge to take over/steal from instead of being the Christmas Gift they have been in previous iterations of the game!

Besides if you were say in hospital and came back three weeks later seeing your planets at least not in ruins from unintentional neglect would be a real incentive to get back in and play. As opposed the soul destroying vision of your game being possibly in ruins. That could make folks quit, and nobody wants that!

Just some thoughts! Opinions & comments please, how has Automation been working out for you.

I ran into the same issue on my home world. I have turned Automation off on my other planets as well… I have a feeling it may be impacting more than just 2 of us.

Sigh! Just had the Mad Automator spend a quarter of a million in a single moment so giving this a bump…!

Honestly when left to its own devices its not too bad but if its going to magically vampirise your treasury because you make one adjustment to one world on the edge of your empire. Its gotta go off…!

Which is a shame as its not too dreadful when it sticks to its once every few hours routine. But when you are actively playing its just cripples you by hoggin’ all the cash & res!

Now if we had the oft suggested mass toggle to switch on or off then great! We could leave it on overnight for example then switch off when we sat down to have a play session and so on?

BTW Automation building is useless for me. Because it’s can’t do the things with the most effective ways as I do it manually.
I’d like to have long queue with at least 10 slots where u can add tasks to build without spending resourses\credits\lower grade of buildings (which will spent only if at the moment of start of buildings they are available and stop queue moving and building in the other case)

That would be great if we could define our automation’s further. That would allow for greater exercise of player skill and allow for our current tech levels and Racial preferences.

That reminds me how many of the newer players spotted this: Auto%20Adjust

Its not everything but helps a little in stopping the Autogovenor from going too Bezerk!

Maybe credits are earned for each planet, but not put in one big cash pool. Could have a automated banking system to loan/pass money from rich planets to developing ones in set amounts.

Opens up loans between players. I can give a loan of 30,000 credits but collateral is a planet worth 10 times this. To bad adding central banks and loan sharks would be tough to balance between players.

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The idea has legs!

Immediate issue I’d want to see was credit limits base don players development… Otherwise it would be too easy to have ALts or even alliance mates unreasonably send money to newer players (or one BIG one!)

But I like it Hmm let me think on this!

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Could gate banking with long tech lines to hinder loan amounts given and received early. Cool downs between players who already have a loan could be long as well. Could also allow banks to hold more (collateral)planets with lowered production rates and increased costs for anything the bank does with it while it’s held. Planets under default get liquidated for a very small profit over the loan amount and return to natives?

Banking families rule the world…

Now I was thinking it could be made to work as a Kind of Treaty. Coupled with a staggered progression so you can only receive higher value ones when you have proven your ability to repay say 10 of the previous tier…

For example:
1000 Cred loan cash is immediately transferred from player (bank) to player whose creds per hour were immediately debited by 7/hour (So the loan would last about a week and charge about 15% interest)

If a player defaults (Cancels the treaty) then apart from any action the defaulted player wants to take they take a hit in reputation (as per @Cheatle’s suggestion elsewhere) and or their interest rate on other loans goes UP say to 20% interest [+5% per default].

If a player pays it off, then their interest rate drops 1% (never below 10% I suggest). When they have successfully paid off 10 then they can apply for 10,000 cred loans and so on it scales till we reach a max of 1Mil creds.

I figure you can have one loan going at a time with a player, a second one adds 5-10% to the interest rate of BOTH and so on so it self caps if you take on too many. Alliances ought to be able to loan member’s through this system internally as well as player to player direct loans.

Third party Banks is a fascinating idea, but I am not immediately seeing how you could implement it outside an alliance framework right now?

It all goes out the window if a market gets added where players set prices for things they want to sell. 500,000 credits for a scout hull… lol

While I like the idea, it is still very easily abused. Zath I could loan you any amount with any interest if you do the same for me. Essentially no money would change hands and we would both have a leg up. We could then do this deal with 20 other players and really go through the levels quickly.

How complicated would coding be to detect this and understand that we both owe each other 10k and therefore we actually owe each other 0 and cancel it out? So we use a third party. I owe you, you owe him, he owes me. 4th and fifth party?

I really want to be able to give out loans and even make trades for cash monies… $.$ maybe each player can only have 1 financial deal?

What happens when a player who is owed billions is conquored? Otherwise I can give sweetheart loans when I am dying to give my allies a boost since they wouldn’t have to pay me back.

Maybe it would be equally wise (unwise) to have a market where a player can offer loans to the entire galaxy. This sort of makes no sense: I can’t send pepe a PM but i can loan him a kings ransom, however blind loans are the fairest and possibly the hardest to take advantage of.

If such a system were added, we would certainly need a financial advisor to explain to players, look, you can’t afford a fifth loan with 2 planets.

Idk, I am conflicted. Maybe when/if this is added, we add it to a side alpha galaxy to test it out.

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i was going to say that someone else can just put another deal out there but then I remembered that I cornered the market of food in tribal wars when I played. I bought anything lower than what I was selling mine for and then re-sold it for a substantial profit. I cannot tell you how cluttered my trade logs were except that even I didnt know what was going on at one point.

It took some time to do it, but for 1 food, you could have bought 10 of each of the other resources at one point.

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These are all good points but I did think about them somewhat

Yes indeed. But in my proposal above that would mean each loan was at 100-200% Interest… If you are fine paying that for the leg up Okaay…

You did see I allowed for the concept of interest right? So mutual loan between friends for the same amount end up costing them at least 10% each… Maybe that needs a tweak certainly. But a limiter mechanic is in place.

Sure, this may be sensible to avoid overuse/abuse. I suggest a minimum of 1 private & 1 Guild/alliance and one NPC Bank perhaps? So three at any one time (Scoring a +15-30% interest hike as per above mind you!)

Ah now yes very good point. Arguably if you are going down then you cant take it with you so why not? BUT only if conquered. If you Quit then monies should revert to their owners end of.

I suggested using the existing treaty mechanism as a tool for this precisely because it can only then be done with folks we have some contact with

Ah yes that’s sensible added tutorial space etc add tot eh complications :frowning: The idea of laying a planet as collateral is also pretty good as well. In case of default maybe all that would happen is building on said planet are insta dismantled (No res back) till their credit value equals the remaining Loan amount? Hows that sound?

I maybe missing something, but in what I understand your concept to be and my exploit, would be if I loaned you 100k at 100% interest and you did the same for me, the interest and every other part of the deal would be identical and therefore I would be taking $5 out of my pocket to hand it to you so that you could hand it back to me… Maybe 1% (on top of the interest amount) is added and lost to both players or some such percent (unless i missed that in your original point).

I have many treaties with players I have never met and actually used the system in order to open up com channels with allies. I just think its strange that I cannot negotiate a deal with players but I can offer the deal…

Ah no I think I didn’t get your original point well enough! Good catch. How about half the “Interest” being lost to fees/corruption or some other mechanic. So you still make more money on a loan to a third party but if you swap loans as you suggest then there is a loss.

EG: Loan 1000.

  • Interest 15% = repayment 1150.
  • Money transferred to loaning player 1075
  • A mutual loan circle would cost each player 75 creds per participant?

Something like that perhaps… LOL maths like this isn’t my forte so perhaps some other can rescue me from my own enthusiasm here ROFL!

Lol 50% loss is pretty high and maybe a good number, I’m not sure.

Suddenly I feel like this game might be educational for some lol


You two ran with this…lol

ALL HAIL the High Banker! We know this is you!

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I can make a mountain out of most mole hills. Besides, I love the concept of being able to pay someone else for use of their muscle.

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