Not receiving Sweeping Notifications

I’m sweeping a MF right now and received no notification that I took down 3% of it. I know because I’m tracking the decrease. It was at 52% when I started, it’s now at 49%. Now at 45% no notification. Finally got my first notification when it was as 41%.

3 sweepers approx 1 1/2 hrs to complete sweeping.

Unless they’ve changed anything, the notifications you do receive are completely useless. No location, percentages don’t seem to have any consistency to them at all, and so on.


I’m not sure what the current triggers are for notifications regarding your progress sweeping a minefield, but I’d be very surprised if they were supposed to be lower than 10% (even 10% seems too high for me).

Does anyone else feel strongly that notifications for minesweeping progress should be more frequent?

Previously we received notifications each time the minefield’s density was decreased. I’m fine not having a notification for every decrease now that there are so many more spanning up to as much as a four hour time frame for a single sweeper. They just need to be consistent and documented. Whatever works out to a notification every 15 minutes should be sufficient.

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