No warp, no movement orders functioning, no tech research

Just logged on to Skirmish 2 and none of my ships can go to warp. Ships in transit cannot be ordered to a new destination. Ships in orbit cannot refuel nor will they accept orders to move insystem or interstellar. I have ufo’s vectoring on my positions at high warp and none of my fleets will respond. THIS IS MUTINY.

p.s. just checked my tech research and have researched 102 % of a tech with counter at -11 minutes and incrementing.

@joe Something is seriously wrong w Skirmish 2.

p.p.s. FWIW notifications announces that the tech has been researched but the part/tech is not available in ship designer. Also, cannot issue any build orders to any planet.

Same, plus a ship I’d sent 2 hours and had arrived is back where it started.

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