No temp in planet view of galaxy overview

The temp column is not being populated, making colonization decisions more work as I need to check the planets manually now.

Also, on this topic can we get a planet size column, this is a major component of planet usefulness.


I noticed the same thing, temperature column is blank. I’d like to see a few things added to the galaxy overview, including planet size.

Wondered what you guys mean and then I saw it:


Long ago I wrote something up about what I’d like to see in Galaxy Overview. Being able to see things like planet size, landmass, employment,etc. It’d also be nice to be able to sort and filter by more things, like filtering only scanned planets that are habitable. Or only planets with 70% beron or more, etc.

Maybe you can find it and restart the discussion?

Here’s a link to the last big discussion on the topic. I haven’t looked at it since this post, but might be a starting point to restart the discussion. I’ll make a post on it as well to jump start the conversation there again.

I’ve created a bug for that, thanks (and made sure the thread with suggestions for improvements to galaxy overview is linked to from the task we have to improve it).