No notification of fleet battles

Losing fleets - can see the cross hairs where the battle took place - but no notification of the battle occurring in the notification alerts.

Hi, was your fleet destroyed by another fleet or was it a minefield or an orbit defense system? It’s not obvious because at the moment the same battle result window is used for all 3 scenarios, but it should say what was the cause. The reason I ask is we have an open bug ticket for no notification being received when a fleet is destroyed by a minefield, but it should be working if it’s another fleet that destroyed it.

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i have had a lot of issues with the message system.

encountering a planet with a native population sometimes gives me a message, 90% of the time i do not get a notification
when logging in i will not get any message about fleet combats while being offline
destroying fleets with mines does not always give me a message

Mea culpa, that was me. I hit him with a series of cloaked fleets.

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Notifications have been extra flaky for me too. They’re pretty reliable if I’m logged in but not if I’m logged out.

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By native population do you mean one of the minor factions and not colonized by another player?

I’ve checked your game and saw that the notifications you didn’t get were for fleet battles. I’ve added these details to the bug ticket we have on missing notifications and will discuss it again with the devs.


Yes minor factions and planets with abandoned major faction populations, so basicly whenever there is a planet that i can colonise and have a second species without invasion. I do get some messages for finding such planets but they are very very rare.

Thanks Joe - Yes they were destroyed by another fleet whilst not logged in.

I don’t typically get invasion notifications or bombardment notifications when not logged in either. Always a game of Clue to log in and see what the state of the game is.

Might it be possible that only the first player to scout such a planet gets the message?

Thanks for the extra info here, I’ll pass it on to the devs.

I don’t know but I’ll mention it to the devs.

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I just had an issue with a battle where I received no notification. A clue to the problem might be that the fleet was cloaked I’m fairly certain. It died later on a minefield, cloaked.

I took a month off from the game and when I came back I had 2 debris fields with no timer and no sign of an attacker. To be fair, im not even sure i was the defender either except that it was within my boarders.

I had a pair of freithers in a fleet in a friendly system, im sure I had 4 last night, doing a fuel transfer in a can. I came in this morning to find half gone, 1 dmged, yet no battle report or battle debri. Its sitting at the star, not a planetary gravity well. so they had to pin point to attack it I think. but again, no battle report. so do they show BRs foran NAP hit?

This sounds like something new, the issue I’m aware of is notifications not being received, but if a fleet was destroyed in a battle there would still be the battle notification icon on the map. If you could let me know more details (via PM if you prefer) e.g. the location where you believe the freighters were destroyed, we’ll take a look.

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lol went to Main 2, but if it happens again ill get you more info joe.