No more visible stars around plz help

Hi , i am playing Main2 and after exploring nearbuy stars i dont see any more of them even dots on the map. How do i reveal them ? I dont know which location to expand .

Main does not have the star visibility skirmish does so pick a direction and scout it as we are all blind.

If i buld a radar station on border panet system will it help or no?

That will help :slight_smile:

ok thx this is first time i have no room to expand , did devs changed minimum start system distance on main2 ?

Ye they moved starting distance by 10 ly or something like that

Slimak81 Nope, you just get a bad luck.

Baaklund, they change spawning distance, not the star system distance.

You may have spawn near Void space. There are some areas like that on the star map.

Void spaces usually divide exceptionally different start times for players. They are there to divide earlier players from reaching your empire quickly considering depending on when you started playing the Server there’ll be players far more advanced along in the game. Just because you don’t see any other star system in view just set a few scouts in slightly different paths across the Void as you might even find a Star System all on it’s own in the void as you cross it.

Or maybe near BORG space ! you WILL be assimilated !!

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