No chat notification

When there is a new conversation, I am not receiving a sound notification that someone has made a new post in game chat. The only sound I have turned off in settings is for music. All other ones are on.

When private messaging was added the notification beep/count for the global chat was disabled (on the assumption that the frequency of messages in global chat would make them too spammy and not useful). There are only notifications/new message count for private messages now.

It’s a problem, especially since there is no one to private message with, but many are using game chat to figure out how to play. At least do something to show there are new messages to check. Those of us who’ve played before are trying to help the noobs. Hard to do if you aren’t paying attention to the fact there are new messages.


That chat client is so painful to use that I never even really tried. I haven’t started in A4 or whatever they’re calling it, but seriously… mousing over a comment causes seizures.