Next Week: New ATD Galaxy to Launch + Skirmish 2 Galaxy to be Removed

Hi everyone,

Next week we’re going to launch a new ATD galaxy. We’re not sure when yet but we’ll let you know by tomorrow when we’ll also preview the balancing changes we intend to make for it.

The Skirmish 2 galaxy will be removed next Wednesday (Sept 23).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Close Awaken the Dark 1 aswell! Its mandatory, please! Consolidating the playerbase on a single server is so important right now, even if that means destroying the empires that were build there.

So good to hear that there are new servers coming!



Well Awaken the Dark is good for testing…:slight_smile: Pls dont close it…:smiley:

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I can see leaving main two open for the short term. But only if you have plans to open another main server with updated content shortly. One of the biggest failings with the main servers is that you guys don’t keep it updated with current content.

As for all the other servers they should be closed the day before you open new servers.


I view the ATD galaxy as a test galaxy. It doesn’t bother me much.

There was a time when players wanted multiple servers open at a time so that they could test different strategies in parallel… Also, something about ending a game when a player is not ready to have it ended. Speaking of.

@joe anyway we can get popup notifications (like the one I get everytime I open outscape about playing with friends) that could give information such as the closing of the present galaxy and when a new one would open? It would suck less for players investing time into the game unaware of any information on the servers who are still investing time into their game.

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Some do view it as a test galaxy, other’s like me prefer it to the main galaxy because it is so much faster and requires a slightly different skill set than the very slow main galaxy.

I’m in agreement that old galaxies need to close when new ones, especially ATD, are introduced. Once there’s enough game content, then I expect galaxies will remain open indefinitely and the developers will be able to introduce smaller changes without having to restart a new galaxy to make them playable. The problem now is there isn’t enough reason to keep playing when the lack of content is creating boredom.


I guess most of inactive players rarely check this forum post, so I hope it will be informed at the blog.
We can easily find it via the steam client UI.
I think it takes more time than one week that they notice its launch. The short time from the launch announcement makes disadvantage for the light players.
But now I’m looking forward to playing at it. :smiley:

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Indeed. I would not play Outscape if there wasn’t an ATD server. Main is just way too slow for my playstyle.

Frankly I don’t see any reason the ATD server has to close as I am still actively playing on it and is right now engaged in an interesting border war with a top 10 player. However due to lack of players it might be better to force everyone on one ATD server. But the amount of time I have sunk into it building fleets and colonies…

Also, since there aren’t any restrictions on what alliances can do, I see all ATD galaxies being dominated by mega alliances, politics and blob warfare. Something that I personally disliked in Eve and I imagine not being so fun in this game either. Difference is that in Eve you had plenty of places (more than half of the galaxy) where alliances cannot dominate other players but in Outscape there isn’t.

So going forward, assuming they haven’t found a solution for mega alliances stomping on noobs and solo players, it would be nice to have a second ATD server for people not interested in alliances and blob warfare. Maybe by disabling alliances on that server.

You can disable them but they will still exist. They’ve existed since alpha 1 long before there were mechanics to make them easier to manage.

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Right now new galaxies are needed to fully test new content. I expect that to change in the future

Until players face increasingly harsh costs and risks when travelling far from their investments, large meta alliances can persist. It’s a relatively simple fix with likely a dozen examples already offered on these forums. I’m sure they’ll better arrange the mechanics eventually but development’s priorities don’t seem to share our concern. They know the budget and schedule better than we do I hope.

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The community largely agreed to keep alliances out of 1 galaxy and there’s nothing to stop a repeat except the community. You’ll still have a few players “cheat” but that can be dealt with the way the community has everytime it decided it didnt like something.

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That galaxy doesn’t exist yet and I wouldn’t want the existing ATD galaxy to be that galaxy. It should be it’s own galaxy (or two - one fast and one slow), so those of us who prefer the ATD galaxy AND alliances aren’t restricted from having an alliance in the existing fast galaxy.

Also if you want to restrict it from having alliances, then all features for making alliances work, ie., NAP’s have to be removed from that galaxy. That’s the only way to restrict alliances from forming or at least making them difficult to work.

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just stop it there… Outscape is an MMO. So there will be lots of players and certainly players in groups. Outscape is not a Singleplayer 4X and its not a competitive 1v1 game. This game will strive with backstabbing, revenge, protection, mercenaries. So deal with it ingame by gathering friends around you or making deals with neighbours.

Lol I was participating in the conversation, if thats too much for you, well im sorry for you, but it doesnt bother me. I couldnt care less if we ran a free for all galaxy for kicks and giggles or not. 1v1 fights arent particularly my flavour but I figure if the whole community decided on a kind of event galaxy, it could be good for us as a whole. :man_shrugging:

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Or divide the galaxy into zones, like Eve, which caters to different playstyles by having different zones with different rulesets and you can seamlessly move between them. Alliance politics and blob warfare, although liked by some, should not be dominating all other playstyles. That is how you make a successful MMO, by catering to a variety of playstyles and not just one.

Outscape right now is like a prison. Either you join a gang or you get gangbanged by gangs.

There is something inbetween 1v1 fights and alliance blob warfare. I for one like regional conflicts where you make friends/enemies with your neighbors and dont need to fear an alliance blob coming your way and wiping you out.

Mostly I only care about fair fights. I dont want to be so disadvantaged that my highest hopes for success is to take out a few individual ships because taking out a full fleet isn’t even a possibility, nor the opposite.

MMOs are on the opposite side of fair and competitive gameplay as the basic idea of mmos is to have huge numbers of players which easily leads to imbalances between certain combatant groups. The major issue with Outscape is however that the vastly different skill levels of players also lead to massive imbalances which is then multiplied by differences in group number.

However, nothing of that actually happend on the Awaken the Dark Server 1.

The one major war was the BLACK and SOLID Coalition against AE, COTP, BORG and the remnants of CHAOS. BLACK and SOLID steamrolled everyone else not because they had more numbers, but because they were more organised and had better fleet setups. Also from my understanding, no solo players were attacked by any of those Alliances unless the solo player tried to poke the big guys and attacked first.

So instead of complaining about something that you have not experienced, gather some friends and enjoy the fun.


Lolol again, I am just participating in a conversation. I don’t have anything to complain about. Out of all the solo wars as I’ve been in, not a single one was at all unfair with regard to player count. I considered making the post longer explain why I posted the comment, but i figured the short response was better considering im pretty sure everyone shares the viewpoint, so I stopped when I explained the post it came from since my posts more and more often are being pulled out of context and twisted.

You project an awful lot dont you? Or is it that political drama you love so much that your just trying to stir up? I mean its not like the conversation is clogging up the forums, we get what, 10 posts per day now? The activity level of the forums matches the activity level of the game to a surprising degree (imo) considering when board with the game, you might be more apt to ponder ways to make it more fun and post about it…

Very, very few MMOs have had full loot open world PvP everywhere and the one’s that had have failed due to not enough players. If Outscape decides to go that path then all the luck to it, it will be the first if it succeeds.

In Outscape it is arguably even worse as most, if not all, your IG item logs out with you in all other major MMOs where as in Outscape the opposite is true. Log off and log back in and your entire empire, which you spent weeks building, could be in shambles. That is why this game needs both offline mechanics to minimize such occurrence as well as safe zones. Again, Eve is, imo, the best model to follow.

I am pretty sure he was referring to me.

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