New spawns into an old galaxy

TL/DR: players spawning late into a galaxy are at a significant disadvantage and by regenerating current resources and respawning a new type of resource we can help level that playing field. This is not about what those resources might be able to.

Recently ive started in the speed galaxy and it became immediately apparent that I would be forever stuck with 2nd tier planets and systems if I was lucky or we would have to wipe another player to make room for me to have a halfway decent game.

Unfortunately, a good number of players have quit so I can readily find several good planets, but not all players have this benefit, and more importantly, the newest of players are unlikely to enjoy this. As it stands now, it is my opinion that the mechanic is more useful to exploiters than players using the mechanic properly. Because basic resources (the ones we have now) are so important to any nub, and there is a noticeable lack of easily farmed resources later in the game, I believe resources on planets should regenerate at a very slow rate (10% of its density per hr for example) and stop when the mineable res reaches a relatively low amount (5% of its original deposit for example). This wont be as good as when a player starts in their own area, but it wont be as bad as starting in one mined bare.

The next idea is a slight variation on a previously proposed idea which is resources comparable to iron, and spices in games like civ, with the notable exception that they can be depleted. I’m not sure how I would prefer the specific mechanics to work exactly (spices might increase happiness or growth rate while iron could increase hull strength, reduce a resource needed to construct something, or be consumed in some larger process whether by its construction or by using it as upkeep) but thats not exactly relevant. The idea is that once depleted, that resource would then be moved to a nearby area (possiblely/hopefully to an adjacent player) where it can be mined again, but it would be random. If no player has spawned in that area, the strategic resources would spawn with the new player inside his protected guard zone ensuring the new player would have a good chance to aquire it before opposing players and have a strong start.

Naturally, as the resources move and spread throughout the galaxy, players yet to spawn would collect a good deal of them, so there should be a minimum visible (strategic resources that are not being held for new players) count with the new spawn someplace near 0,0 but a player would not find himself in a resource deprived area for long as the resources would find him. He would have to periodically scan his planets to find them and previously useless planets may become highly valuable if a deposit spawns there increasing the importance of scanning all planets, not just the ones presumed useful.

Edit: this would increase the need for strong automation as players would constantly have to build outposts and such, which can be monotonous late game. This can also introduce areas for new tech.

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The new spawning algo is better than having a fixed galaxy in some ways, but its easy to see a newbie, and camp on them for 7 days then just walk over them…

new main galaxies will hopefully be like skirmish but only 2-3 times faster than old mains

we possibly need sectors… so that players can spawn near their alliance, though spawn codes do that…

newbies are easily prayed upon and need further seperation, larger area or maybe more surface res… tough one

That said its likely that most established players will foster good relations and take them under their wing…

I just spawned back onto main and had zero surface res… vultures… lol

Yes but how many players use spawn codes legitimately? I discourage using it at all and Idk that I like spawn zones, its hard for me to put it into words but I feel like its ripe for easier exploiting.

Would you prefer solars spawn daily/weekly regardless of new players joining?

quite possibly

As a new spawn in the AtD galaxy you should have an entirely “new” group of systems that previously didn’t exist. No one should have already picked over them. Plus those that quit around you. I didn’t read your entire post, since it’s quite long, but this is just from the gist of what you initially said.

I used a friend’s spawn code. The next part (as well as this) also addresses a new player joining a galaxy and having to catch up to older players.

Then that explains it…lol

I believe in sectors - new spawns would be together that way unless they chose to join elsewhere. If so it comes with the risks associated with joining an older sector. In the AtD galaxy it takes a month to catch up.

Using a spawn code ensures you don’t get all the content avalable to those that spawn naturally.

I feel if they want to use the current atd spawn style then they need to give us three starting locations and the ability to wormhole between them. One central and two others on the outer rim.

Part of my fear is that if 2 alliances are at war, and one becomes strong enough to purge the other from the galaxy, I want those players to be able to come back.

As it stands, when a player looses or even if a player just joins late and wants to join that fight, what are they really going to do? Being down players for 20 days in the speed galaxies may prove to be fatal to the alliance and this is entirely undesireable as the social aspect would pull players back into the game. If anyone wants a persistent galaxy, we need a way to keep players in the game, and making everyone feel wanted is probably the best way to get there.

These types of mechanics would also prevent players from fully successfully hogging all the premium resources as well as open up other avenues like trade. If one player requires a lot of iron to keep his war machine rolling, while the other requires aluminum, they would be able to work something out.

It’s true that this would make the new player appear like a tasty treat to a veteran but its unlikely that a player would go to war over resources no one is even sure the other player has as there is no guarantee the nub will end up with anything.

Side note: its probably a good idea to make the Guardian fleet’s strength wane after the time period rather then just having them disappear. Longer to respawn, maybe short their ammo capacities, ECT.

Some players refer to seed ships and other such things and I do not feel that not having to build labs is enough of a boon to get that player back into the fight faster considering he wouldn’t have the resources to use the tech. Anything thus player brings with him would give him an advantage over the nub he spawned next to which isn’t fair to them.

The moving strategic resource idea would give each player a strong enough jump into the game without causing major power differences. Use the seed ship to have a player pick their location, fine, I dont have any issue with the seed ship concept itself, only what it means for the new player next to him. Another player suggested that respawning players could only use their seed ships in certain areas, and I can accept that.