New Server

@joe Any news about a new server? Most people stopped playing and are waiting for a new server to launch.

stuff we need for the new server:

  • better and easier visiblity for player colonies with the option to stay concealed at a cost (all colonies start as revealed for other players on the galaxy map)

  • weapon tier cost increase (T5 atleast 10x the cost of T1)

  • endgame content, maybe King of the Hill at 0/0 (or 10 pregenerated systems within 50ly of 0/0) or a minor species converted to something special. (maybe a new leaderboard tab for this) (maybe tweak those limbalt / zyril / farsu system seed values so they are worth fighting over, while reducing deep mining at T3 but giving some sort of deep mining at T1 for casual players)

  • warp interdiction field so that casual players are protected but hardcore players are not getting slowed down (stacking -1 warp per structure with a max of 1 structure per planet but the combination of all structures per SYSTEM)

  • less systems per new player spawned. more starting population (maybe 2x the current amount)

  • buff minor species (maybe give main factions still the 1.4x size increase on planets with a minor species), buff skregs so those planets are the ones that are the resource powerhouses in an empire (endgame) (maybe T3 Deep mines produce 2x the resources), buff akkoroken so they are the science power houses (endgame) (maybe +50% science on their worlds), buff zoni (maybe those planets are good for bio troop production)

Skregs are completely useless for Ripchee.

Just saying.

it is a fallacy to believe that warp interdiction (i.e. delays) will help casual/offline players. Delay mechanics will never work as people go on vacations for 1 day, 3 days or 14 days, so unless a mechanic slows you down for weeks then it will always fail to protect casual players.

The answer is simple. Offline means off limits. Anything less and you will lose all casual players as there is not a single successful MMO which will allow for everything you spent weeks/months to build to be destroyed if you go away for a week or even a weekend.

Private servers is what you guys need…

And all is irrelevant unless basic things like lag, constant bugs when doing fleet management (again ffs), fleet selection still active after issuing commands (so with the lag, fleets end up running off anywhere) and many, many more basic gaming problems. Sort these then sort out all the player suggestions etc !!!
Most prob my last post since they closing Main1. Thanks.

Private servers would be nice but what we need right now is a new Awaken server. There is no point in starting over or continuing playing on Awaken if you are a mid-tier empire. Due to the cost increase the gap between the top players, who have hundreds of full DN/BS/Cruiser fleets and the rest who have not, is now so big that there is no point in playing on the server.

Awaken 1 is dead, long live Awaken 2.

If you go away for 14 days on a 10x server, you should come back to “Would you like to play again” screen.


And then the game will appeal to 0.000000001% of the gaming playerbase, and it shuts down due to lack of funds. Great idea! Somehow I think the devs are smarter than that.

This is why its important to have alliance wide notifications and how useful push notifications would be. We need to be able to have some type of automated communication so that when we arent available, our allies can still defend us. This is why alliances are so important but sadly many of the alliance functions haven’t been added.

There are many other solutions, but imho, these are the best.

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