New Pre-Beta Galaxy: Launches 11th August

Hi everyone,

It’s been too long since we last posted an update! Check out the blog for details of the new Pre-Beta galaxy launching this Sunday :slight_smile:



Good job guys.

  • Just one thing PLEASE tell me the bug that was preventing messages waiting (especially PMs) being seen has been dealt with or even with a host of new players you may find you don’t get the community interaction you’re hoping for!

EDIT: After finding somebody to talk to in A3 I would report I did see a message waiting symbol one time before the end of the Galaxy so here hopin’!

Should get the last tech researched just before it closes… Didn’t build 300 labs…

Still don’t like cramming everyone in the center at start. Would like to see an option to start outside of the main dumping point in the center. Probably start and reset a few weeks after like last time.

Still no alliance features? What’s the point… I’ll join when you introduce alliance features of some sort. The other stuff I already tested in skirmish and am fine with it. Sad…



Since Corruption for Organic race would only start at 14 planets and 4 fleets per level 2 control centre,
then what about Syntis ?
Are they still restricted to 36 planets and 72 fleets ?

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While I agree with you about alliance stuff, please come on in! They have got some new tutorial stuff and and who better than the “old Gaurd” to shake the bugs out of it :slight_smile:

Besides with all those extra invites going out there will be new players that will need help regardless of in game improvements in help…

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Nope, there is no point. Without alliance features, even just simple ones like knowing who’s friendly and who’s not, the ability to cross a friendly’s minefield without damage, etc makes it completely useless and no different than skirmish. Don’t get me wrong, I like that they are implementing the good features from skirmish, but without alliance features it’s pointless and some people from our coalition who might join early, won’t reset so we can be in proximity to one another when and IF any alliance features are ever implemented.


Defeated because I know Puma is correct…

As much as I am glad to see new anything. Until Alliance features - even the very barest of bones of them- are in game EVERYTHING ELSE is nearly pointless. @Joe take note don’t you even dare to put a “Beta” on anything till alliances are in game and have gone through at least one level of testing. You WILL FAIL at the game if you do.

A community makes a game. No in game community tools like a formal alliance mechanic = No Game. What we are looking at here is another dry run of some also needed features. Ok I’m game for it, but getting tired of the same old same old without some real fresh meat in the games play.


What was needed was to add in this content to A3 and expand the map. imo

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Great! finally an update. One question, will there be balancing fixes? Any new content?

I can’t believe you’re launching a new galaxy without basic friend/foe code at a bare minimum.

Hey, you can private message your neighbors, right before you crash your ships into their minefield.


@Zathabar before you report this post as well, you already agreed with me.

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You are a slow learner.

There are several things that make me and anyone who has played a bit (even you) unhappy. The difference between us is I’m on board to give it a go despite many misgivings.

We have a DEV team of two! TWO! I don’t know anyone that could do as much on that limited Tech resources. If all they get is negativity then that’s hard indeed. So sure carp all you want, be disappointed, but if you want credibility give something back if you can. You are right on this, so is @Puma, but still to get what we all want occasionally you have to stoke the engine first.

Still despite the somewhat crass way of doing it Teeo is completely correct on this one and I hope like Hell @joe the Dev crew reads it! You guys are OFF TRACK and while what is described here has worth. Its NOT WHAT swathes of the long standing community says should be the limited DEV times focus.

Are you getting this IDA?

EDIT: Point of fact as we have some real Toxicity developing here @joe @Mel consider archiving some sections of the Forum so if you do get an influx of players they are not immediately poisoned. I’ll attempt to bite my tongue if others will…

Here, I agree with you, but I’m going to open this by insulting you first.

Toxicity indeed.

I was in the top ten/twenty in various categories in alpha 3, and a very regular contributor to the forums and the bug reports. That was before people like Pepe-le-Russian poisoned the well, and was never really dealt with, as far as I know.

All I want, and I’ve requested over and over and over, is a simple red/green setting for players. Minefield detection, planetary defense detection, ships in orbit detection, and so on.

I don’t need alliance chat, or map sharing, or clan/guild/whatever management tools, or any of the rest of the things that would fit into proper alliance code.

Friend and Foe. That’s it.

For example, I want to set Zathabar to red so that my ships will chase him to the ends of the galaxies.

Thank you for your time.

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I don’t disagree with you, but unless there is something being included that I don’t see in the notes posted by the developers, nothing is new here unless a player has never played before or didn’t play in the skirmish galaxy. We have “stoked the engine”, they have our feedback from both A3 and skirmish, they are combining what’s best from skirmish into the next galaxy, that is all GREAT. But without even the simplest of alliance features, we will learn NOTHING NEW with what’s being released and no offense to the developers, but will still get frustrated with the lack of these very simple features.

What I do not understand is why this seems so difficult for the developers to implement. Being able to identify a “friendly” vs anyone else (so by default a “foe”) should not impact their development of alliance/coalition/treaty features one bit. A “friendly” of any sort once alliance features are designed should by it’s very designation be able to be “seen” as different than a “foe” and have the ability to cross a minefield. Sure there are a ton of other features needed to fully implement alliances, but those two very basic ones will surely be in place and this should merely be a simple building block, but they will remove the frustrations that we experience during wars of being able to coordinate and be effective. @joe convince me this simple task is coming soon with an estimated date and I’ll reconsider my position. Until then we are waiting.


I will be playing as the main turn off for me was the dead galaxy. The new players will at least result in some fun to be had.

@joe I know everyone is roasting you about friend/foe code, but any normal strategy player will roast you about exploration. If I explore a star, to have it disappear of my map when out of sensor range is unacceptable. This is a critical feature if you ever want mainstream RTS players to come on-board.

Still, I am looking forward to the chaos of the close start, poor newbies


I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere? If we can find out more we could get a fix included with the release of the new galaxy.

Syntis limits will be increased along the same lines e.g. planets increased by 9 from 36 to 45

Fair point, but to update our galaxy generation process for an existing galaxy would have taken extra developer time we can’t spare right now.

There will be a few tweaks to the existing config but I don’t have a complete list to hand at the moment. We’ll post more details of any changes in the release notes for the new galaxy launch. What were the balancing fixes you are hoping to see?

This change is on the way and I’m hoping it’s not going to be much longer.

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We appreciate that many of you that have been testing the game for a long time are really frustrated at the lack of alliance activity - we are too! And we agree that even just a basic way to identify other players as friend or foe would make a huge difference. Getting the devs working on these features remains a priority - but as you can see from the recent patch the devs haven’t been able to work on new gameplay features over recent weeks, but we will get there. After the new galaxy launches we’ll put together another post covering what’s been going on and what’s coming up next.


Seriously? I tagged you in directly here:

Basically I used to see an Icon when there was an unread chat in the chat window. Now there isn’t (for me at least) if this if widespread then pop goes your ability to have meaningful communications as messages will be lost or seen way after they woulda done some good.

C’mon folks at least Try to pay attention!

As for not working on Alliance stuff you are FOOLS. That should not only be your No1 Priority but your ONLY activity. It is THAT important.

The implication you have not been working on it for the trivia you just posted about is almost enough to make me quit permanently! That’s how far off track you are. Frankly I am utterly disgusted.

So there can be NO doubt how I feel.

STOP ALL OTHER WORK TILL ALLIANCES version 1.0 is ready. Literally NOTHING, not a single other thing that hasn’t actually stopped the game from playing, NOTHING matters more than having a basic friend & Foe system (which implies Alliances to me). Period the end! If you do not get this in then literally all other work is pointless. You wont have a framework to keep new players engaged. And we the community wont have the tools to keep them for you. You can see how “efficiently” discord worked as a third party…

Enjoy the game folks I am no longer sure I wanna be bothered with this shambles!

I’m disappointed as well, but I do hope you hang in there. As you said to me, there are only two devs, they have been working on important changes for the most part. If they can at least get the minimal basics done on alliances, things will improve dramatically in our ability to coordinate with one another. Our coalition will be waiting for the most part, on getting the minimal basics for alliances before joining the next galaxy, but most of us are anxious to begin again once they are ready.


Honestly dont see why people want alliance features so bad. To the point people are literally telling them to stop fixing bugs and only work on it. What im saying is why would it be any different from what we already have? It wont fix balancing issues, it wont fix players leaving early. Yes it would make it easier in certain catagories, but i would rather have a big update that has alot of everything, rather than having an update with just a way of tagging people as green or red… i just dont see the point and i cant see that actually being the main concern for alot of people. Give me 3 reasons having a friendly and enemy list would improve the game? Again i see no point in it as we already have discord and if youre saying you dont look at names and cant identify if theyre friendly or not then you dont need to play this.

Basically alliance features are not as needed as people say. For me top priority should be to try and keep players engaged, and the balancing fixes. I dont really care for alliances because we already have discord for it and i dont want the team to take like a month just to work on this.

So give me 3 reasons alliance features would improve the game.