New mankind character or old mankind character?


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Old design

New design


Can we get a “meh” option?

I’m not a fan of the new design, but I also think that the use of semi-naked chicks in games has gotten pretty lame. We’re talking a futuristic society of space-faring people here. The old one looks like I’m a slutty wizard on a quest. The new one… I’m not really sure what’s with the cowl, and and why we lost the color. Maybe either take the thing off her head, or dial it back a bit. It looks like there’s some purple on her shoulder, can the outfit use a bit more of that as an accent?


Yeah I think overall, I might be with @Archo here. I like both, but not entirely sure either fits.


I like the new design over the old design, NOT because the character is less scantily clothes but because it looks more Sci Fi like, she looks more like either a leader or warrior and not like the welcome lady at the local hot spot.


Alien, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Matter, … the list is quite long. You can have a long list of sci-fi with women that can be both awesome, and sexy without pandering to the “look, boobs!” crowd.

I think a bit more color, and the new one could be very workable. The old could do just the same. Tone down the wizard look, and it could also work. Really, just take merge the two. Take the gold trim from the old, and the bright eyes, and you’d have something solid.

Also, am I the only one that noticed that the lady in the new design has never missed leg day in her life? It looks like one leg is bigger than her torso…