New kind of mining module to mine unhabitated planets

Actually, due to the corruption system, it is impracticable to exploit planets with good deposit and 5km size.

My suggestion is to add a new mining module that allows exploit planets with a worse efficiency than mines.

Here an example how this module could work, the numbers are fiction and need to be balanced.
The planetary deposit depletion is fixed at 1000 per mining module per hour.
There are 3 tiers of mining modules with 50%/62%75% efficiency
The mining rate (not depletion rate) is multiplied by the planets percent values, ex 30% Beron.

In the case of 30% Beron, and Tier 3 mining module, you would gain 1000 * 0.3 * 0.75 = 225 Beron per hour while the deposit deplets with 1000 per hour.

Planets like this could be usefull while it will never get colonized by bios.


I’ve made the same suggestion too. Or just let existing mining modules work on planets but at some reduced rate (they are REALLY fast compared to normal mining).

But I think the new colony system they’re working on will render the point moot. Presumably we will be able to colonize, throw down basically the mines we want and then automate it and it will run from there without taking up any slots (or, therefore, any corruption).

It would be nice to have something else to do with those ship based mining modules, though. I like the concept of mining without a colony.


There’s been much discussion in the past about having orbital remote mining facilities, to allow mining such as you suggested and also to provide the ability to mine uninhabitable planets. Basically you’d bring in a mining fleet, it would deploy mining modules and the resources would be transferred to the fleet without actually creating a base on the planet. Thanks for revisiting this topic. Yes it would be very useful.

Going with the mining topic, I would also like to see asteroid mining further developed to give our asteroid miners more options but I guess with the current mining speed they cant really make asteroid feilds too rich or it becomes far to easy to get huge quanities of resources.
Perhaps more rich asteroids in the systems with extream planets, so a system with extream planets with deposits of farsu, perhaps we see asteroids spawn in that system with like 1-2 Million farsu as well, or have a chance to, that kind of thing.