New galaxy launch: 'Pre-Beta' [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The game servers are now offline while we prepare to launch the new Pre-Beta galaxy.

The game should servers should be back online in about 40 minutes time (18:00 UTC) - at which point you’ll be able to join the new galaxy.

Update: the new galaxy has been launched and is ready for you to join now!


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I see the synthis network extension tech still says 36 planets. Has this been buffed and the text is old or is it unchanged?

It was to be increased to 45, report this as a bug.

I’m getting a report from a player that they are having difficulty getting in, since I’m not logged, I’m not sure. Did anyone else experience a problem getting in?

Yes we’ll get that text changed - the planet limit should definitely have been increased.

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I just logged in. The update on Steam took several minutes initially (I think about 20 min) but once it was complete I was able to get right in.

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