New Faster Galaxy & Alliances Launch Tomorrow + New Wiki Pages Ready

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the new ‘Awakening of the Dark’ game mode and galaxy launches tomorrow at 19:00 UTC.

A new patch is being released at the same time that will include the first version of alliances. And we’ve just put up a new wiki page for alliances.

A few other wiki pages have also been created related to the new galaxy that you might find useful:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything isn’t clear.

Galactic news
There’s no galactic news again this week but it will be back next week with a focus on the new galaxy. We’d like to see if we can make the galactic news even better for you - but we need your help. See this thread for details.


Are alliance tags visible on fleets automatically or do they still need to be added manually? I hope not manually lol.

They are added automatically before the fleet name and player name.

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All this look pretty good @joe Lets see how it plays out.

One thing tho’ I dont see any limits on alliance size. I fear for that! While its true smart alliances just create sub alliances if the Membership level is too restricted that is still better in the long run as if you introduce alliance benefits in a stepped tier based on their achievements etc it balances out these “sister” alliances as only the main one get full benefit.

But i am probably getting ahead of things. Just glad we have ANYTHING like an official in game alliance system at last I do not mean to be picking holes in it seriously!

Looking forward to tomorrow as a fresh start!

The amount of players in an Alliance is limited to 50, according to the wiki!


Really needs to be a cool-down treaty with the kick-out to give players the chance to move fleets out of former allies systems. Without that you open up some instant grief options for alliances and anyone who wants to drop out of an alliance.

Say the counsel don’t like player A who has ships parked at players B’s planet. They could just kick player A and kill off his ships without player A even being aware he was setup to be betrayed.

Oh Thank you I musta missed that :slight_smile: 50 eh? Hmm not bad. I think I’d have started it a touch lower and made 50 be for a “level” 2 Alliance - give them something to work for LOL!

But thats a great start!

Stellaris does that pretty well. It teleports your fleets back to their staging stations with a time delay. And it works both ways. Player A and B both gets their ships teleported.

Idea: Fleets in these broken treaty cases could be sent home to the owners home planet with an automated Ghost Warp thing.

Fleets in Ghost Warp should be impossible to interact with and provide no tactical value:

  • should be invisible to others, so they cannot be attacked. (cloak detection would not reveal them.)
  • should be unaffected by mines
  • should not be possible to edit them (split, alter ship tactics/formation, etc…)
  • should not be possible to issue new commands to them, until they reach their home planet. (No new move/attack command or ability use)

I think, something like this could work.