New Building: Bomb Shelter

bomb shelter:
protects 10.000 of any species from orbital bombardment
1.000 staff

I dislike this, we should not be forced to invade to remove players from planets.
Orbital bombardment needs a rebalance, just please not this.

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The proposed building has staff costs that represent an ongoing investment. The building has a single purpose, which is defensive only, and can’t be easily repurposed.

There might be balancing issues with the suggested implementation, but at the core it’s a decent enough idea.

If the people are in the bomb shelter, are they still in the workforce?

Its just the amount of people that cannot die from bombardment, should not have any effect on labour other than the staff it needs to operate, and there should be some staff so its not possible to build an unlimited amount of them.

But if they’re not in the bomb shelter how are they protected by it?

With bombing killing 100’s of thousands you would need allot of them. lol

150 for a 1.5million planets

As long as they have a good chance to be destroyed by orbital bombardment of infrastructure. So then energy storm orbitals can wipe out the population. Gives a reason to bring both style weapons. Or should bunker people just go boom with the bunkers?

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Anything mentioned in feedback should not be be final but rather open for discussion. I like your idea of having to destroy the bunkers first and only after that can the population be killed, however my original idea was to give that building bombardment protection so that it cannot be destroyed. Or something like Bunkers reduce the Orbital Damage to 5%, because some people just dont make it to the bunkers in time.

So a planet with 1.5mil population and 100 bunkers, 1million will be protected… the first 500k population die just like normal but after that orbital damage is reduced to 5%.

That’s my thinking. Bombing a planet flat is necessary in some case, specifically this case:

  • You have overpowered the enemy in this system.
  • You want to get them off of the planet they have there.
  • They play 20 hours a day.
  • Whenever you invade, they just bring over enough troops to cancel your invasion and drop them when you’re offline and there’s nothing you can do about it. You will never win the invasion.

The solution today is to just bomb the place flat. With bunkers you’d just never be able to get them off of it. Even wiping out their entire empire won’t work because it’s not hard to pop out a few troop transport corvettes at 4am and ferry around whatever they need to stop any invasion.

We just need bombing to be more of a process and not something you can do in one sitting.


problem is if you nerf it, currently tier 5 for a PR cruiser removes around 8k per ship. So needs 100 ships to remove 800k pop in one shot, even if you nerfed it to 1k per ship, i can still currently get 150 ships in orbit to start a bombing run. just annoying that instead of 30 mins, it will take me 3hrs to kill a planet. still easy to do. Of course you could ramp up the cost which is only 600 per shot, so 1200 limbalt on a PR cruiser

See this as an example of a way to potentially rebalance it: Sieges: the replacement for Orbital Bombardment

yeah but its too much coding, while my suggestions is quite easy to implement

Just because something is easy does not automatically mean it is a good solution.

Edit: I would prefer the current broken system compared to your suggestion, no bomb shelter is best.

It’s easy but I think it creates other problems and doesn’t directly address the bombing problem.

The problem is not that you can bomb planets flat. That’s good. We need to be able to do that.
The problem is that you can bomb them flat in literally 30 minutes.
The secondary problem is the bomber has to babysit their fleets. Bombing is not a “casual player” endeavor. Casuals can build the ships but probably not sit around babysitting them and managing the damage for the time needed.

We need a reasonable way to do the bomb mechanic while offline, and it needs to take a lot longer.

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You are countering your own argument here.

  1. Bombing takes 30 minutes.
  2. So-called Casuals can’t play for long enough to manage their damage for the time needed.

If you can’t play for 30 minutes, you aren’t playing the game, sorry.

Now we’re both aware of the actual time involved in the ship traveling to the system, and lining up the fleets, and re-loading ammo, and repairs, and so on.

But that wasn’t your argument. Make up your mind.

No, you’re just being belligerent.

“The bombing game” has different phases, based on the strength of the bomber (and to a lesser extent, the strength of the defender).

Early stage:
Using, oh, say, 20 total guns. Call it 4k population killed per gun, that’s 80,000 population per 50 minute bombing run. If you want to kill off a million population, that’s 13 bombing runs or about 11 hours of bombing.

Is 11 hours of bombing something you think normal players will enjoy? And remember if there’s any ODS there you’ll need to do some babysitting even if the enemy is completely inactive.

But, back to “no brakes on the orbital bombardment train”, it scales endlessly so later on you can bring 200 guns to a bombing (which is only 50 ships for Syntis), kill 800,000 or so in a 30 minute bomb run and wipe the whole planet in an hour. Assuming normal/casual players can build up to 200 guns, then sure, they can sit and wipe a planet in a single sitting.

The scaling is part of the problem.

Unrealistic for normal/casual players at one end.
Wipes out any planet in one sitting at the other end.

This is why the entire concept needs to be re-imagined.


In the current environment, so-called ‘casuals’ will never be bombing any planets flat in 30 minutes, so your entire argument is shot.

But this is just yet another thread you’re hijacking to wage war against casuals and Lord Cheeto and the zerg and every other tired talking point.

Bomb shelters are a possible way to address the current situation. I’ve heard worse ideas. And they’ve been implemented in similar games before, as a way to prevent players from just straight-up being eliminated in one shot from a stronger player.

And if it takes hours and hours (because they can’t build up 200-gun fleets) then you’re saying “bombing is not for casuals”.

And since bombing is absolutely necessary to play the late game, you are saying this game cannot support casual or even normal players.

Thank you for making my point for me. Bombing needs a redesign. Shelters will create new problems as I previously described. Unlike minefields, we can’t simply get rid of bombing unless we also want to redesign how invasions work.