New blueprint bug

I just spent 20 mins messing around to get my blueprint how I wanted it. But I am unable to damn well give it a name !! It just will not do anything when I click on the name area. Everything else clicks and works. Without a name I cannot create this Blueprint so 20 mins wasted !!! I do not usually get annoyed but this has really ground my gears. Thanks.

PS Again, since the launch of the speed server other things are cropping up, the lag when trying to navigate around the Main Map is getting worse. And it keeps rubber banding now as well. Thanks.

PPS Just recalled the other lag thing, sometimes when I click on a planet to move a fleet to it moves the fleet somewhere near the planet but not in it. I have lost fleets because of this. It has not happened to me before, so it is not accidentally clicking elsewhere. Thanks.

There is some serious input lag that needs to be addressed. It often causes important actions to get interrupted, unfortunately. This is one that is important for QoL even now @joe

For the map lag issue, try holding down spacebar once you know which stars / regions you are dealing with on the map. The labels cause 99% of the clunkiness looking at the map!

After playing for over a year I still forget the “spacebar” hides names in Galaxy view as well as sector lol. Thanks for reminding me, I wiil try it.