New ‘Awakening of the Dark’ Game Mode Launches Sunday, June 28th

Hi everyone,

We finally have a launch date for the new faster galaxy + alliances: Sunday, June 28th at 19:00 UTC.

See the link below for the announcement post:


Awesome! Time to pack it in on Main2, no point burning out there first :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest I was sold on 10x warp speeds.

Not even a mention of the minefield debacle


They may not have come to a decision yet. A lack of a comment doesn’t always mean the issue wont/hasn’t been addressed.

@joe Hopefully there will be a serious balance patch aswell.

The decision should really be a simple one. Remove minefields entirely. Why not at least try it? This game is supposed to be about epic grand strategy in a persistent galaxy and epic fleets that can have epic battles.

Not at all what we have. With one simple mechanic to blame. Minefields.

I have been in favour of small test galaxies (2 to 8 players) for a long time to test major changes that we all understood, if became bugged, it would stay that way. The devs wouldn’t try to fix it bc it would slow them down from updates and bugs from the rest of us, unless of course it was decided that the tested change was good.

I understand the devs (and most players) want galaxies with large number of players but to test something like this, I feel, would be better to be tested in smaller groups rather than have an entire galaxy be trashed due to a simple test. I am all for having this tested, but I can tell you right now, if you remove mines from any galaxy, you will have a lot of complaints that its not possible to defend yourself unless you can log in every 4 hrs.

Edit: I would be much more in favour of removing minefields from the a galaxy if the new galaxy was slower. In a fast paced galaxy, I feel players would be conquored in a 16hr period not just single galaxies. If you thought a zerg rush was a problem before, this concept should terrify you considering minefields were pretty much your only defense unless you were online more often than your collective opponents.

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While small test galaxies would work i’d rather see a fast paced short term test server with the content unlocked so everyone could jump in to try things out.

important question

will alliances be limited to a certain number of members or not ?

if yes, then how many members can an alliance have?

To those commenting on mine warfare in this new galaxy, here’s a reminder of how they intend it to work in the Hyperspeed Galaxy:

"Fleet Actions

Invasion and bombing times haven’t changed. It’ll still take an invasion at least 9hr 30min to complete.

Minefield speeds have been increased:

  • Minelaying: T1 10 mins, T2 20 mins, T3 30 mins
  • Minesweeping: T1 62% /hr, T2 125% /hr

We’re still experimenting with them. But in this game mode the intention is that actions can be completed in the same play session as much as possible.

So minefields won’t be an effective long term defensive barrier, but more of a tactical weapon and a way to lay traps. And in this game mode fleets will be more responsible for defending territory (with the new player guard fleets and a similar guard automation order that you’ll be able to use for other fleets)"

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good that you are pointing out that they are not going to be any different than they are now, stuff is broken and poorly balanced

I’ll believe that when I see it. The times on Main two definitely are not as posted.

Great! I recommended this awhile back. I think it’s an excellent move. I’m looking forward to start playing again. I also believe adding a feature or objective that allows an alliance to “win” and end the server and reap some sort of “recognition prize” would also be a good move. This would promote continual interest and a growing playerbase. No one likes starting a game as a late join and be months behind (unless there’s a server reset). I’m interested to hear how this turns out.

This is amazing… but can you allow us to queue orders and maybe add in patrol pathing so we can have our ships defend our space…

One of the very first things you should have done was implement a system to allow people to use their ships to patrol while offline…

It appears you have absolutely neglected this and instead focused on minefields?

I mean minefields are cool and all but paroling ships and queuing up orders would actually be an update that would benefit the game regardless of being mid early or late.

I have not used mines yet… but I would use patrolling ships as well as queued up orders.

10x rates and a faster server will be a pretty interesting change of pace… but please work on patrol and queued orders. Just give us a simple pathing system for patrol way points… have a distance they will chase people from patrol … in a sector they chase any hostile maybe? in open space anything within ship range?

I mean this game has some pretty good potential if you just polish it up a little. Currently this game has a nice learning curve it isn’t too complex. Keep up the good work devs.

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