New Awaken the Dark galaxy launches Friday Sept 25th, 13:30 UTC

Hi everyone,

I can now confirm that the new Awaken the Dark galaxy “Andradite” launches Friday September 25th, 13:30 UTC (instead of the 24th as previously anticipated).

If you want to find out more about this new galaxy, check out last week’s dev diary.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hm… can we at least know the full changes for the new galaxy? The building changes you talked about cant be all thats being done.

Well if this is also a fast server i bet the old awaken will be dead realy soon,…

Thats good to hear. Super excited!

If guard fleets ignore pirates, you still have the issue that pirates fleets will attack civilian fleets, or the pirate behavior has been changed. Actually pirate fleets are pretty annyoing and if guard fleets ignore pirates while pirate fleets kill civilian ships, i dont know if it is something players would like.

Once you have full fleets pirates aren’t a problem. If it’s freight fleets, be sure to include an armed ship or two in the freight fleet and pirates will ignore them. You can make armed ships that can also carry freight.

is it standard behavior, that pirates ignore armed fleets? I mean pirate fleets maximum HP is 600, meaning 5 Mk2 ODS on each planet will solve pirates for

Not always, but while they might hunt down an unarmed fleet, they rarely hit an armed fleet. In all my time playing I’ve probably had them spawn where I had armed fleets 2 or 3 times (I’ve been playing since Alpha 1). They will go after unarmed fleets though, easy pickings. Also for your own safety in game it’s best to include a few armed ships or you might get hit by scouts that can easily kill unarmed freight fleets.

I have seen several times, that they may spawn inside the orbit of you planets, which imidialy attack civilian fleets (auto attack) while armed fleets are in orbit too. Some month ago i have asked in the forum, if an armed enemy fleet is able to target a civilian fleet, while armed fleets are in orbit too. Pirates can, i think players have attack the armed fleet first.

pirates are a nightmare on speed servers. They re-spawn any time you build a ship, and when your making 10+ ships an hr, it means they always exist. If you leave the game up and go afk, they will hunt down and start slaughtering your transport fleets. When its 10x warp, they can reach them fairly quickly.

They should get disabled once you hit X score. They are in no way any fun or a good mechanic

Pirates are a joke and for us who like PvE they are a disappointment as they are far too easy to destroy. But I do realise that strictly PvP gamers dont like them, which is why I think they should create special PvE zones with increasingly difficult PvE fleets for money and resources.

I mean, wouldnt it be more fun to destroy PvE fleets for resources rather than the boring passive deep mining mechanism? I personally hate building colonies due to the excessive micromanagement needed and there is little skills needed for it.

actually the reason people destroy pirate fleets is for resources but whatever…

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At early game yes but they dont scale and they leave tiny amount of resources compared to what a high level empires can mine. So they are not worth it after a certain point.

They don’t bother me, maybe I’m online enough to prevent problems, idk. I think I’ve lost one ship once to pirates and had one battle with a full fleet on the speed server. I like the resources.

They should spawn only when you first log in, gives you plenty of time to deal with them. This has been my experience up to this point (on m2 which has been a somewhat short experience), and if its not the way it works, then it should be.

Ya they only spawn if your online, but with how quick the speed server is, you normally need to leave the game always on so you can alt tab to check on things. Which means they are always spawning

No I mean the act of logging in not the state of being logged in.

nah, they will re-spawn any time you build a fleet if your online, at least thats how it was last speed server. (granted its a % chance based on your score, but when your making so many ships an hr it becomes a high % chance)