Need more Automation, less Micro management


I think some automation are required for less tedious micro management :

  • Auto exploring systems or multiple movements for fleets
  • Auto transport resources, as the auto-mining already implemented

Queuing for buildings, ships construction and research are great, continue the automation process !


More automation is already planned.

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From what I understand more automation is planned. How long it will take for them to get it to us is beyond me. They are pretty slow at pushing new features it seems. Then again someone told me there are only 3 of them working on the game, so it’s understandable.

Instead of starting a new thread I will add my planet automation idea here.

Since they already automation setup for mine production. You know, when you click on the planet automation settings you can choose if it builds a mine or not, and also choose the amount of resources you want the automation to stop at. Why not add options for all possible buildings to that list? Seems like a simple and fast solution to planet automation since the bones of the system is already there.