Native population declining with 100% happiness

Colonized a small planet with native pop of 58k Evos. After building infrastructure, happiness and pop began to decline. Built several medical buildings to raise happiness which is now back to 100% but pop is still declining at same rate. Now down to 14k. Am I missing something?

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Temp range? Landmass to low?

Post a screen capture maybe ? If you are terraforming for Syntis, you may have moved the temp out of Evo range ( minimum 10 degrees ).

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Minimum 10 degrees, but even higher if you have 90% landmass.

@WarMongers this kind of post should be categorized first at the Game Help. pleaste move this category to it until it shows some bugs. I know you have privileges to edit the post.

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I’m positive it’s the temp/landmass that is your problem, if the temp is at zero (syntis preferred) scrap some