Native pops not giving 30% happiness credit bonus when playing as synthis


I have noticed that native pops are not giving 30% credit bonus due to happiness when I am playing playing as synthis.
Is this intended or a bug, as their info shows a 30% bonus listed?

I’m not sure it’s intended, but is the result of Syntis never being better than 99%. I believe it should be corrected if you have the organic at 100%. It was discussed during Main1.

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Yup ^^

And when you have two organic pops and one has 30% bonus and the other 10%
Only 10% would be applied when both are 100% happy

I’ve been looking into these points and can clarify how it’s supposed to work:

  • Happiness bonus is supposed to be relative to your civ
    • So Syntis should never get an income bonus even if an organic pop on the colony is 100% happy
    • If your civ’s happiness bonus was 10% and a minor faction on your colony had a happiness bonus of 30%, if both pops are 100% happy your civ’s 10% bonus would be applied to income

Which means that a minor faction’s happiness bonus is meaningless. As are its max labour shortage and max unemployment. Because it’s your civ’s attributes that determine whether a colony has exceeded either.

Likewise if you have a colony with a major faction sharing it with you. Their happiness bonus won’t count, nor their max labour shortage or max unemployment. Because it’s relative to your civ. But you will only get your happiness bonus if both pops are 100% happy.

I’m going to create a task to clarify this in the UI.


I may be wrong, but if its the other way around, still the lower % bonus gets applied
(my civ 30%, 2nd civ 10%, both 100% happy = I get 10% bonus)

But isn’t it supposed to be separate?
You have a dual pop planet with 100k pop each
They are taxed to give 1k gold each (aka 2k gold in total) (without bonus)
But shouldnt it be that each has their bonus applied to them (aka income from civ 1 with 10% bonus =1.1k gold/h and income from civ 2 with 30% bonus = 1.3k gold/h) which when both are 100% happy will give a total of 2.4k gold? Instead of 2.1k or 2.2k

And since only our player civ happiness bonus and labour conditions apply, then why do other native civs have such stats on display if they never apply or matter?

I just checked on a Mankind (30%) + Mountain Giant (10%) planet and it was the 30% applied. Mankind’s 30% is applied to the income from both populations for the colony’s total income. But if you do see a planet where that it isn’t working like that let me know and I’ll take a look.

So in this example the income should be 2.6k (30% applied to the 2k).

I wondered the same after digging into this. So in one of the next patches we’ll be making some tweaks to make it clearer what’s going on. e.g. your civ will always be the “first” population. Irrelevant stats for a “second” population won’t be shown. Clarifications for Syntis colonies.


But this directive is countered by the fact that Synthis are always stuck at 99% meaning that having them as a secondary, nullifies the bonus of both races, no matter what your main is, neither race gets the bonus. If you “clarify” that idea in the UI you will only be going out of your way to add confusion, as long as that is a thing, since that will further mislead people into thinking they can still get a bonus with Synthis. Also I have posted multiple times about this since October 2019.

If the primary race bonus is what overides the secondary’s anyways, then why isnt Synthis locked in at 100% happiness with a 0% bonus, instead of being locked in at 99%, which is a hamfisted fix that also screws other races over while going against the intent you just laid out?

That would seem to make more sense. Unless it’s really intentional that having Syntis as a secondary means the primary can never get their own bonus. :man_shrugging:

No one should want Syntis as a secondary unless their population has already maxed out. There are no farms to allow them to grow. But I see your point.