Native German speaker? Is the translation we had done ok?

Hallo, sprechen sie Deutsch?

Unfortunately, that’s about the limit of my German. And it was copy/pasted…

We’ve had some of the game text + Steam page translated to German. Before we proceed with getting the rest done, we wanted to check with our native German speaker players if the quality of this translation is good enough?

We’re not expecting it to be perfect. A video game can be difficult to translate, especially if that person isn’t familiar with the game. And we can get it tweaked/improved once it’s in the game.

So, if you can, please take a quick look and let us know if you think the German translation is good enough? Thanks :slight_smile:

Steam page: Google Doc
Game text: Google Sheet


Da ist ein Fehler im ersten Satz.

Hallo, sprechen sie Deutsch?

ist falsch.

[Short description]
Erleben Sie strategisches Gameplay in einem Universum mit tausenden anderen Spielern.

This just sounds wrong in German. The phrase “strategisches Gameplay” just doesnt really work.
In my opinion it Sound way better to just let it out. I would recommend:

Outscape ist ein Weltraum-4X-Strategie-MMO, das in einer riesigen persistenten Online-Galaxie spielt, in einem Universum mit tausenden anderen Spielern.

About this Game:
Translating Grand Strategy Game with “großes Strategiespiel” is wrong. It just means big Strategy Game.
The Grand Strategy is also used in german, so it would be better to just call it “Grand Strategy Spiel”.
“Dies ist ein Grand Strategy Spiel in einer wahrhaft epischen Dimension.”

I agree. My suggestion, which I have added to the document, is “Grand Strategy Strategiespiel”
But your suggestion is by no means worse.
My suggestion would implicate that there is no translation of the term into German. Your suggestion is a bit more smooth, though.

I would say the work of the translater is pretty good. Also of the 2nd Document.

One thing maybe in the second document: “small bio farm” - “kleine Bio-Farm” the latter would mean small organic food farm in English. But i cannot come up with a better idea how to put it in German, right now. I guess it will just have to do. :slight_smile:

edit: Tsenna, why would “Hallo, sprechen sie Deutsch?” be wrong? Or are you just making a joke?
I am a native speaker of German, and I wouldn’t know what you might deem to be wrong about this phrase.

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sorry for double posting.

i would like to stress that i think that the quality of the translation is pretty good, in general.

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Line 22 Battle in progress
Vorschlag: Schlacht im Gange

“Passiert jetzt” wirkt komisch.

Does the google doc comment function work or does it fake it? :slight_smile: I made some, just to check, but I cannot really check if you see them.

Because using that function, it is quite easy to collaborate on things like that.

Some of the text is a bit clunky indeed. And generally, you use a lot of () to explain things, but that makes stuff hard to read. :slight_smile: Maybe a link to the explanation would be better?

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for your feedback and corrections! All of the comments and suggested edits left on the original docs were merged in.

We’ve also had the rest of the game text translated by the same translator and the German language option will now be available in the next patch. I’ve put up another post that links to this latest version of the game’s English + German text.

The idea is if you come across text in the game that is wrong or could be improved, you can ctrl-F to find it in the Google sheet and suggest an edit. We’ll then merge any suggestions in to the live language file before each new patch is released.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: