Name of owner of a Guard Zone doesn't show

One of the guys in my alliance has guard zones up and while I like the fact his name doesn’t show for enemies, it should show for alliance members. I noticed this early on, but thought because it was out of range it didn’t show. I’m now in range and the name is still blank. This is inconsistent with our other alliance members.

I can see the name for all guarded zones, well in my limited experience of it…

It does seem rather info leaky… game uses fog of war for all things… so name should not leak until you scan the owner of the planet generation the guard.

It would be useful if you could have an option of “broadcast ownership of guarded zone” as some dialig to the guard building…

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So far this is just the one incident I have seen, I can see all the others.

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I believe the guard zone is a quasi-territory. The devs said they would add it in and, well I dont like it but if that was their intention, everything else sort of makes sense… You really can’t own territory if no one knows you own it…

My name does not show for me as well. Might be due to the special character I used in it. Colonel_Sheppard

Missing name

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A red circle with the title “guard zone” is sufficient to know it’s owned. Nothing more is needed unless you take the risk of scouting inside of it, as per DeicidE’s suggestion. And the “intent” is to guard your system, nothing more - it is not a “territory marker” as was discussed in other various discussions. One system is not my “territory” I may have a series of systems that comprise my territory.

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If it is not a territory marker, then, imo, it should not be visible to any player who is not allied to the player who owns it as it would only serve to benefit an attacker.