Multiple fleets forcing client restart now unable to log in at all


Please have someone address my server side database issues as soon as possible. I am currently holding fifth place in skirmish and in the middle of a large offensive. I cannot log into the game at all now due to a duplicate key exception. I have sent several debug reports to the server over the past two days.

I have been patient, polite and humble when it comes to accepting the pre-beta status and state of this game but now I am more than frustrated. As a player I disappointed with the general lack of attention to the constant errors forcing game UI restarts and turning my game play attention into game issue workarounds.

As a 20+ year software engineer I am disgusted with the lack of attention technical debt has received in the six months I have been playing. Business leads and developers appear to be content with continually rolling out new features and introducing more issues. The only issues I have seen addressed are the catastrophic ones introduced with the Christmas patch which threatened the very success of the project. Those took an entire week before they were addressed.

This game has so much promise. It is exactly the type of RTS I was so desperately looking for. However, it has become so riddled with constant debug pop-ups, the inability to click or even hover on fleets and complete game client lockups.

I have worked on many software projects from mission critical to PHI related systems. I can say from experience the software that survives and thrives treats technical debt no differently than feature additions. The software I have seen move to end-of-life and / or third party replacement 9 times out of 10 is overwhelmingly caused by ignoring user requests for bug fixes and getting caught up in the new feature loop. “Hey, hey. It’s ok next version is gonna be better!”

Please understand I personally enjoy playing this game. So much that I have lost 100’s of hours in six months to game play. But, I will soon be forced to seek out another and abandon this one unless serious attention is paid to the existing flaws.

I want to see this game make it to release 1.0. However, with every new patch that exclaims awesome new features, little or no bug fixes are included and more bugs are introduced and my hopes for commercial release wane.

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Login sreenshot. Feel free to reach out to me via email if your team would like trouble shooting assistance.

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I wonder if that’s related to people splitting and merging fleets, which I reported months ago. It still happens. If someone is merging fleets while I happen to be looking at that view, there’s a pop-up exception and the client becomes unresponsive and must be restarted.

Never had it crash me out so hard I couldn’t get back in but the wording of that error does make it sound like the game has lost track of something.

I am having the same exact problem last night , I split a fleet twice and tried to merge. Now I am locked out of that game. Disappointed as I have also sunk multiple hours into the game.

I’m very sorry that this issue is preventing you from playing at a crucial time in your game. I’ll also forward on the concerns about the number of bugs at present to the rest of the team.

We have a fix ready for this issue and will push it to the servers as soon as we can tomorrow. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

Thank you for responding @joe, as well for the fix. I only hope it does not come so late that I have to commit my time to recovering from an opponent taking advantage of this as opportunity.

@Seraph_SirShockey @WarWerx - the new patch should have fixed your issue. Please let me know if it hasn’t:


Just so you know, this has addressed my login issue. It appears at first blush to have corrected my existing fleet issues as well as several other issues I was having. After the 36 hours of downtime my position, systems and fleets are no worse for wear. Thank you very much for taking the necessary action to get these patches out.

Well done!

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