Multiple accounts and friend codes

Could we please do something about being able to abuse the friend code in this way. I suddenly have a player next to me who clearly is running 3 accounts (going by how the accounts are named). 1 old account and now 2 new ones that they are funding with the help of this old one. Their expansion is abnormally rapid and it makes dualpopping way to easy to coordinate. It is basically a 3v1


Though it’s a problem with adding a 2nd population, it’s extremely difficult to run multiple accounts in an active fashion as each account will require steam and a separate computer. It’s close to impossible to eliminate the possibility of multi accounts as was discussed on another thread.

“Extremely difficult”, I don’t think so. Time consuming, maybe. Depending on what the extra accounts are used for.

Pretty simple to register, and it is free. (You just need to buy the game)

I am sure, you can use multiple accounts on the same computer. You can log in/out and cycle through them. Not difficult but it would take time.

I have to agree. :slightly_frowning_face:

For me, multi accounting = cheating. I wish people wouldn’t do it and play fair.


The key word in my sentence is “active fashion”. In war time try running 3 or 4 accounts on 4 different computers. Good luck. Certainly not impossible, but you’d better have a great swivel chair and be excellent at moving between them quickly. Sure doing slow stuff is a breeze with multi’s but what I could see from Ciri’s post was concern about him being beside a person in a 3 vs 1 position (threat condition was how I took it).

The rest you’re correct, but you can’t be on multiple accounts at the same time on the same computer.

Locally you could get away with remote desktopping into each computer. You could also setup a macro if you wanted to alt on the same computer. The script would do all the logging out and in but its obviously time consuming switching.

Even if they were to track IP’s all someone would need to do is setup a VPN on each computer. and the script would just need to change VPN before loggin into each account.

The answer might be to remove all limits but the alt would also have no limits and 4 accounts would grow 4 times faster than 1…

The answer is likely location… sadly that means no spawn codes and random spawning into a galaxy… not spawning out in a circle from the centre… The downside could be no players around for ages and newbies spawning next to established… Each alt would need to move towards each other or one of the accounts and then setup by which time the advantage has diminished if its over several thousand LY. Maybe spawning into sectors…

Just screenshot these planets, nicknames,coordinates and then post here.
Even if devs will not do anything there is plenty of old foxes who loves to punish dirty ones.


Actually a good idea to name these multi-account users.

Also just remove the friend codes and allow us to pick which sector of the galaxy to spawn in. If we want to play with friends, we pick the same sector they’re in.

I really discourage posting any player’s planets, nicknames, and coordinates in an open forum, no matter the circumstance. That just gets messy.

Misunderstandings are possible. “Clearly is running 3 accounts (going by how the accounts are named)” - but we don’t know for sure, not really. What if three members of a wiccan enthusiast group decided to play Outscape, and one liked foxes, another weasels, another ducks? Wiccan_Fox, Wiccan_Weasel, Wiccan_Duck - very similar names, and easily could be considered primary and alt names. But maybe they aren’t alts. Who knows.

That’s even if one’s restricting consideration to the supposed issue. What if Ciriathe puts up coordinates of Wiccan_Fox, and some other Wiccan player takes offense “it’s an attack on wiccans!” Or what if someone doesn’t like Ciriathe for whatever reason, and putting up coordinates means now they have some idea of where Ciriathe is? It’s just messy when actual in-game coordinates are involved.

Even that assumes some sort of actual grievance with whoever ends up being attacked. It’s possible someone is framed for using alts - another user that has an argument with them buys a couple copies, spawn codes a couple times naming those accounts after the target’s name, then takes some screenshots “hey look, they all have the same name, alt use confirmed!”. Deplorable, yes. Unthinkable, no.

If players think they’re on the receiving end of some action they consider unfair - I’m not saying they should be quiet about it. No no, go ahead, describe the general situation at least, air it out for discussion.

And if some players exchange private messages, and coordinates are brought up? That’s on the individual players. Whatever happens at that point is just things being what they are, confusions or whatever aside.

But let’s not have coordinates and names named on forums, right? That’s just a peanut brittle nut cluster waiting to happen.

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Maybe this, may be that…
Maybe Ciriathe lied to all us and there is no any “story of the 1st post” ever from the very beginning?