I have 3 enemys next to me they worke more together then frends can so plz check this accounts for multiaccounting:

  • “coinmanzac” (sure alt form PhoenixFB see my chat)
  • TheAdamBomb
  • UlricGodbrand
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It could be as you say though not so likely in an invite only Pre Beta.

That said if my wife was still playing then I can assure you that we would coordinate just as you suggest. Have you considered it might be three friends or even family/house members?

Good spot either way. Would any of them like to give their side? I Do find it a bit suspicious that the names given here don’t come up as forum signees either?? I would have thought at least one of them would also have looked in on the forum if new to a game like Pre Beta Galaxy?

first: one of them “coinmanzac” say in chat to me his main is PhonixFB
second: i write to one and the other awnsers
third: many more of this strange thinks happend so i only want to chack this by devs

PS: if not and they play only good together all is fine but if not its very unfair^^


Jeez That guy makes me laugh. Multi accounting On a galaxy that will be restarted for a new one XD I wonder whats IDA’s stance on this. Its probably written somewhere. That guy makes me laugh because hes trying too hard.

Alt accounts have been discussed allot. In the end if players buy more then one copy of the game it’s more money in IDA’s pockets.

If multiaccounting will be allowed I’ll be the first one to play with two accounts. This gives to player to much benefits.

They are three separate people I have in fact talked to all of them in person.

FYI - I don’t consider multiple accounts an issue unless you are using them to make one giant account. For example you start day one, and instead of playing two accounts, you start as the same race in the same place, and give your other account everything, doubling its abilities over others. Or starting off in the same place and having two accounts right there.

We are never going to get away from multi accounting, ever, so might as well embrace it and setup some standards and rules to adhere to.

Also, FYI, coin was Phoenix’s brother, he handed the account over to him, when him and Ulric started to get attacked.

You do make a great point about that. IDA gets more money in the end. And @Cheatle makes a great point. We aren’t going to get away from multi accounting might as well embrace it. Thx for clearing it up for me personally. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found this on Webside so atm its not allowed!

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This isn’t Beta.

If you want to get really technical there…

I’ll be second.

When I think about all the exploits I may find with a dual account setup… Wow :smiley:

Then we need something else :

  • Alias : in-game you allow another player to log-in as yourself, managing most but limiting some features (no gifting for exemple).
  • Shared control. Like allowing allies to give orders to your fleets.

In this kind of game when a player is part of an alliance he setups his account so that all his notifications are sent to the alliance’s notifications email adress, which send them all to a live feed (be it email, IRC, web page, whatever) that online allied members keep an eye on. Then a method to react is needed.

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