Moving Native Pops and Other Ideas

Hey all,

I started playing the Pre-Beta galaxy on August 11, and so far I’m enjoying the game immensely. Yes, it’s a long haul game, but the exploration, development, and idea of playing with other real players is something I enjoy so far. It was worth waiting for a key. :slight_smile:

The following are some of my ideas on improvement. First, regarding native pops such as the Evolvians, Valkyries, etc., the desire to move these native pops has been brought up in chat, but there is currently no way to do so ingame. I understand that it could be abused if not handled correctly, so my suggestion is this. As each player civ (and native civ) has certain environmental requirements, make each native pop follow their environmental requirements. ie, I can’t take Akrokkens and move them to my Syntis homeworld without killing them all. Worlds must be terraformed to make them more habitable for native pops you desire to move. This would make it so you can’t simply pick them up and drop them off. Additionally, you cannot put more than two pop types on a planet. This is the current limit it seems, and it should remain the same to prevent people from piling everyone into their planets and making “super” planets. With both limits of two types of pops and requiring environmental standards based on types (both of which are already ingame), we can move pops around in a believable way.

Another quick point on moving populations. To also make it harder to move pops, you could create different personnel modules you must research to move pop types. Back to Syntis and Akrokken, I can’t use a Syntis personnel module to move Akrokken, and vice versa. So not only do you need terraforming tech to move native pops, you need unique personnel module techs to do so.

Second idea regarding renaming. Currently, you can only rename ships and fleets it seems. I’d enjoy being able to rename everything, but most importantly ship blueprints and planets. For ship blueprints, you can clone, then rename the clone, but then you must research this as a new blueprint. I don’t think it’s right to wait so long to research a “new” ship blueprint when I’m only changing the spelling. Then, for renaming planets, allow us to rename planets but in tag form, public or private. ie, “Terra a - Homeworld.” I understand allowing people to rename their planets entirely might cause issues, but I’d appreciate being able to tag my planets somehow so it’s a bit easier to see what their focus is without remembering them all or having to click on them.

Third idea, also regarding renaming/mapping. For systems, I’d like to be able to rename my system. Make it public or private, and it can be a tag system also. Being able to display a custom emblem would be nice, and then choosing a color which can be displayed on maps would be nice. Disputed systems would have two or more colors.

Fourth idea, it might be fun to allow a claim feature for systems. I envision visiting a system with my scout ship, dropping a claim buoy, and moving on. Then, if another player visits, they would be informed of “an object designed by an intelligent lifeform has been detected orbiting the star. It seems to state a territorial claim to this system. Proceed with caution.”

Fifth, and finally for now, I’d appreciate a way to scroll through my colonized planets. Currently, I have to zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, etc., multiple times to get through my planets. An arrow scroll system or something similar would be appreciated.

I mention these as only ideas (ideas which I hope are new). I appreciate all the dev team is doing. So far, the game is great, and I look forward to seeing how you guys can make it greater. :smile:


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Nice post!

  1. I would like to see this as well at some point but yeah it could be a hell of the thing to balance!

My though twas we get a “XENO RELATIONS” Tech tree that slowly unlocks more ability to do stuff with our minor CIV populations

Maybe transplanting them would be some way up the tree but could be so worth it if possible though it would have to be to the right world as Henry says.

  1. It would be nice for a cloned blueprint to only take the research time of the changes and not the whole thing yeah. Very logical too! Please consider that one closely!

That’s a great idea on world naming. If we had a pre screen list of Tags we could use it would avoid some troll calling his worlds “A%&^&(* Heaven” or the like but would at least give at a glance some reminder of what we planned for them:

  • So Mining colony
  • Sector Capital
  • Shipyard World
  • Prison Planet…

etc could all be fair game.

  1. Systems with two or more players already display in multi colours though at this early stage in PB that may not yet have been seen by the newer players.

But a system Tag based on preset labels that the DEVS can be sure of their probity is fair enough to my mind. Seconded!

  1. Currently you could always leave a scout with a public message to that effect (I have one out now - warning folks that colonising that system would be a very Hostile act from my POV). If they ever implement the talked about “Probe Drone Ship” than sure this would be a great use for it!.

  2. Ah sounds like you haven’t discovered the planet Tab in Galaxy overview sir. Click on the small dot icon to the far left and you can do much of what you describe here.

Really great first post please keep them coming!


Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks also for pointing things out. It helps.

  1. Yes, perhaps a list of tags is safest. Easier to code and less data overall.

  2. Haven’t seen that coloring view yet. I have visited a neighbor, and while I did see his home planet, fight off his automatic defense, and then fly away with my scouts, it’s listed as unexplored. That may be related to the current issue the devs are fixing regarding explored systems not being marked as such. When it was in view of a scout, it did list the system as red.

  3. I’m too poor to leave a scout at each system. And if you think of the fleets required to do this, it will get clunky. The idea of a probe drone ship sounds good, but again I worry about the fleet requirements this entails.

  4. Thank you! Finding that helps me navigate around a little bit faster. :slight_smile:
    Now seeing this, it would be nice to go straight to planet management instead of simply a view. I’m used to management being first, then cinematic being secondary. And right now it seems that two different camera views are used. Would it be simpler to either toggle the management interface on or off? This could be more of a global variable, and in my mind it would do away with saving multiple views for every player. Possibly a performance boost?

While we can’t pay for the game now, I hope that mine and others’ suggestions can help a bit.

Stellaris had a mechanism for populations to move between planets, so maybe something like that could be used.

Pops would move based on climate/land and job availability. As a player you were also able to set policies to encourage or discourage movement.

I like the idea, but it would need a ton of balance work.

There’s been a bunch of talk of using more icons/colors for different fleets, planets, etc. No idea if it’s actually on the roadmap, but it’s definately been asked about.

Bouys, markers, borders, etc have also been asked for at length.


Excellent post and welcome to the game.

  1. I’m with Zath, great idea (I had planned to move a native in Alpha1 and then found out I couldn’t), but I agree that balancing and potential abuse would be an issue, plus the current mechanics of the game would need to change drastically. You can move playable natives if they are the same civ as you and if you’re in an alliance with other players of other civ’s there are ways that others can add or remove playable natives and move them elsewhere. But they don’t have special attributes, so might not be quite as appealing.

2 & 3. There will be a purchasable commodity not currently in game (using real cash money) for things that do not give any player an advantage over another (pay to win). Renaming and skins for ships have been mentioned as things that will be available for purchase in the future after the game is released. In the interim see if the “notes” feature on planets will give you what you’re looking for, it’s already available for use. You can make them either private (your eyes only) or public (everyone can see)

  1. On systems where you might encounter another player, once you scout another player’s planet it turns red in your display of that system. If you colonize a planet within that system, it stays red. Alliance features are in the works, I’m guessing this will have some sort of color coding in the design, I don’t know any details. Might solve some of what you’re looking for as well. Stay tuned for Joe to make a post at sometime in the future with their ideas and add to it when it becomes available.

  2. I like this one, I’d recommend a specific post on the forum so it won’t be lost and can be discussed further by the community. There has been discussion on past posts regarding the need for having buoy’s for territory marking - right now we’re forced to use scouts with public notes which eats up a fleet count and with fleet caps isn’t very desirable not to mention the cost. You can use the search function in the forum to find these posts.

  3. Take a look at the Galaxy Overview in the middle of the icons in the upper right. Not on, so can’t be more specific than that. Go to the planet page. You can find planets and go right to them from there. Also there is a discussion going on the forum regarding the GO and improving it with more information. You might be able to add to that discussion as well.

Sorry @Zathabar other than #1 I didn’t look at your response in detail, so I hope I’m not repeating you lol. If so, just ignore it. In a rush to go to a meeting soon.

the two things i think are important regarding the ability to move native populations are: 1) MUST all be going to the same planet to dissallow seeding your entire empire with them, 2) target new planet must be modified to accomodate their temperature requirements.

second bit requires something that i’ve kinda wished they would give us anyway which is the ability for US to set what we want our temp/mass to water ratio to migrate towards when terraforming. This would be of particular use to syntis to allow them to better accomdate the squishy meat bags upon the few occasions they must be put up with.

I can get behind the idea of moving an entire 2nd civ population to a new planet using a very expensive transport module that can be added to a freighter. The thought being you only need one, it’s environmental systems are unique to the civ (not literally) and it requires you to transfer in the entire 2nd civ population and can only be activated from your occupied planet. Then if you wish to keep the planet you can or you can remove all your population and abandon the planet.

The destination planet has to have sufficient bio farms to accept the 2nd civ or population will begin to die off. The transport module requires you to offload the entire 2nd civ population on board. 2nd civ will die off if temp/land mass is out of tolerance. Special abilities cease while on transport and reactivate on arrival.

(Did I miss anything?)

That’d about cover it. Just gotta keep the planet inside threshold that supports said population. Depending on size of native pop, perhaps it’s an established world and you decide to relocated, may need to allow a Fleet to carry the pop but must be lead by a ship with the special module and as long as that fleet has native population on board fleet can not be split up.

If the planet doesn’t support the population being dropped on it, they will die off, which is the responsibility of the owner to know in advance and prepare it before hand or suffer the consequences, nothing special should be needed for that. Existing game mechanics will handle that. I think a freighter with the special module is sufficient and doesn’t need to be a flagship as long as the module on that freighter works as described. If it’s easier to program this design by considering it a flagship, it really wouldn’t matter either way. And the module should not allow partials transfers either adding to it or removal. That way there can be no partial drops anywhere.

Slightly disagree. I’d make it a one shot coloniser myself, but I’m so not fighting over this :slight_smile:

That’s fine as long as it’s a special module that functions as described, what hull it’s placed on doesn’t really matter. Colonizers are cheaper lol.

even if for arguments sake the native population numbered in the hundreds of thousands? now for simplicities sake it’s not a big deal but thematically you can’t fit more natives then you can your loyal subjects on similarly sized vessel :slight_smile:

I’d agree in all honesty, I think one large personnel sized module could be “modified” environmentally to sustain more natives. Since it’s way more expensive than a regular personnel module, we can justify this by the advanced technology it represents by having developed such a module for the various and widely varied species we might find in the universe. If it were a large module it would be limited to freighters or hulls that have a large slot available.