Move faster

i had an exploratory fleet traveling for roughly 3 weeks. it was destroyed. at 3/5 warp im am not even sure this player will still be playing when he gets my full response. can we add a few more upgrades to the engine compartment please. maybe use a progressive system.

so are you saying you intruded into another players space and he decided he would prefer not to be scouted by you?

if the ships get too fast, we have the much discussed problem of offline versus online players, i think.
or at least distance becomes less of a protective “barrier” so to speak. i dont think your suggestion is supported by a majority of players, but i might be wrong.


ship speed is the only thing that is slow in the game, the tech tree can easy be finished in 90 days

I was trying to make the point of expanding the tree beyond the 3 upgrades maybe to 5 or 6

Speed upgrades can only go so far. Too fast and groups will just zurg rush through people’s systems.

And long range exploring with 3/5 engines isn’t the best choice. Get to those 4/9 scout engines for that.

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ill always argue for faster engines, but cheatle has pointed out that Ripchee have rather nice corvettes that can take quite a number of troops, due to flagship level. they can carry the scout engine which means they are quick. it means they can jump in trash your planets and run away before you can catch them. no matter how big your warfleet is they can out run and out turn you. the only thing other races have to counter them is scouts or corvettes but they dont carry the same flagship level so basically your stuffed, making them faster would mean you are even more stuffed…having said that i would argue like crazy in favour of a civilian faster warp drive which could only be used on cargo ships

currently warp 9 and maybe warp7 is to fast (warp7 simply because how closely packed we are)

I think 4/5 and 4/6 engines as tech would be nice. Maybe even 5/6 engines but something you expect to get 5+ months into the server when nearby players should not longer be a threat.

Also 2/7 and 3/7 with better and better fuel usage could be nice add ons. Engines that you could reasonably put on t3 ships, probably still with fuel freighters

All of these more expensive then the current most expensive tech


the map is far to large, there are far to few players. without faster engines or a way to cover more ground quickly this is far to boring. maybe add a third stat to the engines or create a stargate/hypergate. there is already quantum teleportation.
current war. takes my me 14 days at free war 3/5 to travel one way. to attack once and refuel takes a month. i have eliminated some time by doubling my regular planetary transports as refuelers but this still only halves the time.
for a game that takes days weeks and months to preform simple actions you sure have to spend minutes babysitting it to make sure everything goes to plan or your SOL

maybe with small ships 7/9 is far to fast but with large ships there size determnes consumption and they do not go very far. even complementing with fuel tollies that are massive them selves i can maybe get 100 lys with one jump. then there isnt enough gas in the world to get it moving again

Time is relative and they want the servers to play over years for some. They have also yet to add in wormholes for faster travel. So (I)don’t expect much faster warp speeds. Server is still too small btw…

I feel your pain.

Add to that, if you are building a bigger fleet. With a Battleship for example. It can take a real week to build a complete fleet.

I had 1.2 million credit fleet, that took about a week to build. To three days to travel to it’s point of destination.

Only to die in a ten second battle!

Everything is slow it seems, except fleet death.


I agree. This has come up before too, but it’s worth restating:

Warp 1 should be faster
Warp 9 should be slower

I mean warp 1 is pretty much useless and I don’t think it should be quite as bad as it is. Warp 9 allows for fairly ridiculous deep hits on an enemy in a single evening and while that has been great for me, I still feel it’s a bit too fast.

I would make the current warp 7 be the new warp 9. Bring warp 1 up to the current warp 2 and then shift everything else around that.


Another problem i am experiencing is that the purpose of the 3/5 is for bigger ships. So now that i have traveled 30 days to and i have hit a few things i am now not fast enough to catch shit.
Lucky i found a 22.5km planet to post a ship yard wait another week for some fuel. Then hope he hasn’t left the god damn area by the time i can afford the resource to move to the 1/7 engine to actually do system battles.

luckily planets don’t move, they either fight you or lose their planet. You cant expect your big slow warship running on free fuel to catch things that actually have fuel lol. You have to pick mobility or firepower. Its like the only advantage the defender currently has, travel distance.

Not a fan of changing the current warp1 speed, just because it be good for warp1 minefields, which need to be added. Also lets face it, when are you ever traveling at warp 1 willingly? Its only when something went terribly wrong, and your fleet becomes stranded, and you need to send out a fuel fleet to rescue them. Which i think is fairly fitting for a space game

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Yeah, 3/5 is “I’m going somewhere and I dare you to stop me”.
7/1 is if you want flexibility in your plan.
Both have their uses.

A lot of people use 3/5 for attacking people far away, which, in my opinion, is their first mistake.

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thats part of the advantage of being on home ground, trouble is for me to come and give you a beating with a 7/1 fleet would cost way to much on fuel. like 500 ly on a dread have you seen the consumption, and i dont have 3 months to do it at warp 1

Well, don’t attack people 500 ly away. Or find some nice giants nearby him and start setting up a production facility there. That would probably be faster than driving at warp 3 anyway.

lol travel 500 ly, and build all your warships there. Assuming you can even find giants, would take weeks to build war fleets. And where is this magical endless supply of resources coming from lol

I still need to do the math of how many pure fuel fleets you would need to bring, but i thought about bringing some 7/1 fleets with the 3/5 armada. Having something that can respond to threats id a good idea. Besides there not much else to use the stock piles of fuel saved up

So are you suggesting i use my stock pile of fuel to send my warfleets to beat up Slamz? sounds like a plan to me, now how much fuel can i get on a Dread

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No choice, the fuel usage for a 7/1 is insane and the chances of you picking up fuel en-route is near impossible in a developed area.

Even a pure Goliath (Mankind T2 freighter) with nothing but fuel can only travel 82 LY before drinking itself dry, much less support a battleship fleet.