More options for earning credits


Currently the only method to earn credits is through taxes, and if you’re Syntis then the only way to increase income is to increase population.

For resources I can collect them in a variety of ways:
-Mine planets, and even deep mine when deposit is out
-Mine asteroid fields
-Collect minerals from empty planets
-Kill pirate/player fleets
-Steal from another player planet
-Invade a player planet

But credits only have taxes. Out of credits? Well you need to just wait.

I know there’s been talk of buying/selling/trading resources, so I’ll skip that as a suggestion as it’s been documented.

Idea #1: Add bounty to pirate fleets. Based on the level of a pirate fleet you collect a credit bounty for killing that fleet.

Idea #2: Introduce trade goods. Planets can produce consumer goods/materials that can be sold for a profit. This could build in a supply/demand mechanic which would alter the buy/sell price. Additionally, a planet well stocked with consumer goods should get a temporary happiness boost.
-Idea #2.1 Create some level of manufacturing. Something like a factory that consumes 2 beron and 1 ziryl per hour and produces 100 units of consumer electronics. Power/pop usage would be low, but this would provide additional credit and happiness options to players, as well as more micromangement options. Each planet should have a limited number of factories to prevent one planet from self-fulfilling all needs.
-Idea #2.2 There should be a mechanism that increases selling prices relative to distance traveled, so the larger the distance between origin and destination the better the profits. This would encourage players to actively ship trade goods around their empire.
-Idea #2.3 Since players might be hauling large quantities of trade goods it opens up a huge opportunity for player piracy. If you are lucky enough to catch and defeat a trade fleet you can collect a portion of the trade goods, and sell them on your own.

Idea #3 Similar to the option to steal resources, give the option to steal credits. A new ship class would be used to “hack” into the target system’s financial system, and siphon off credits. This could either be a Syntis specific thing, or perhaps the Syntis get a more efficient hacking module. For this to work a the hacking ship would need to be in orbit around the planet, and the hacking would need to be activated. An example of the formula for this could be something like (0.5 x total_credits / #_of_colonies x hacking_efficiency). A planet should be protected from hacking for 24 hours after a successful attempt.

Idea #4 Some amount of credits should be left behind after an invasion. When an invasion is successful all resources, structures, and surviving population convert to new ownership. There should be some amount of credits left on the planet too. The formula for hacking would also work here, just removing the hacking efficiency from the calculation.

Idea #5 Create a salvage module that can be used in a wreckage field. The salvage module would allow the player to collect valuable salvage materials that could be sold for credits. Presumably the current method of salvage is to just melt things down to base minerals. A salvage module would allow you to sift through wreckage (similar to mining) but instead of resources you get credits. I’m not sure if there should be a relationship between salvaging for minerals and credits (meaning if you salvage all the minerals, then you can’t salvage for credits) or if the two should be separate. Also, like mining there should be improved salvage modules that increase the speed.

Idea #6 Create a new resource type, like gold, platinum, diamonds, etc where the resource is strictly used for credits as opposed to structures. Make it rare, and more costly to mine than current minerals. Then create a structure for selling this material.


For the longevity of an unending server it’s important that IDA maintain control of how many credits enter the game and then motivate us to consume them. I too want many more options to gain credits, but any methods that introduce new credits instead of transferring existing credits will need countered with deeper expenses elsewhere.

Who would be paying your empire to hunt these pirates? Perhaps local natives may arrange a pact with you, paying tribute for thinning the pirates’ numbers?

Who would buy these goods and to what end? Natives might, but if so I’d hope we implement threshhold for how much they’re willing and able to buy (supply & demand). Do they offer player buyers a boost to happiness, combat, production?

Aww yeah! I’ve advocated before that we need agent units and an advanced starfighter class. This would be one of their functions.

Agreed, and these credits should come from the defeated player’s balance. Probably even more if you had a hacker precede the invasion, routing extra funds to the planet.

I don’t know that there should often be much cash aboard, but again that hacker agent might pull and pool some information to aid future activities.

Could use these both ways, making them useful for greater constructions, but also use these to entice your own population to buy them.


There will always be a weak link. If my credit income increases then something else will slow me down. With all of these suggestions the intent isn’t to create a massive influx of credits, but instead to give us more options to obtain credits. Additionally, the income shouldn’t be so significant that if someone plays for 16 hours a day they would have a massive advantage over someone that only plays a few hours a week, but it should add a slight bump. In addition to adding a new credit source some of the ideas would add more micromanagement, which to some is an important part of a 4X game.

Idea #1 Bounties

The bounty would originate in the same way the pirates do. Which is… well, we don’t know. In general the idea would be that it was paid by some sort of collective. By freeing space of pirate fleets we all benefit. For sake of lore, we could simply say that native populations pay the bounty to keep their systems safe. Perhaps a mechanic is needed where you have to collect payment from a planet with a native population.

Idea #2 Trade goods

If there was a stronger NPC presence then I would say NPC, but really, I think it would just be something along the lines of each 1000 population consumes 1 unit of foodstuffs (burgers, meow-mix, or valvoline) per hour. They also consume a certain amount of luxury goods, electronics, etc. Each planet, by means of farms, entertainment complexes, etc already supply the base needs. These would be imported goods, which would create a higher price based on distance. There would need to be limits on consumption, so a planet might only be able to store what can be consumed in say 24 hours. Possibly add warehouse structures that could increase storage.

Ideas 3 and 4 there’s nothing to add.

Idea #5 Salvage

This isn’t really finding cash on board. Currently, when we kill a fleet we can collect the wreckage as scrap. The suggestion is to add a salvage feature. The difference (at least in my mind) is that all scrap is melted down and the result is the base minerals. Salvage on the other hand would be sifting through the wreckage and finding an undamaged engine or gun that could be sold.

We currently lack the ability to build weapons independent of ships, and them fit them as needed. If such a mechanism were in place then I would say that salvage should provide usable gear. However, since we fully fit ships at construction, the collected pieces would be sold off for credits. This could also function similar to bounties in that the parts would need to be delivered to NPC trade hubs or something.

Idea 6 there’s nothing to add.


Been thinking about the pirate equation, and yes, why not credits for killing pirates. Also, I think, the scenario I just faced. Pirates killed a freighter carrying beron. I then killed the pirates. Wreckage had only farsu and zyril. Surely there should have been some beron recoverable too?


I’m against any farm gain in the game. To receive credits for destruction of enemy fleets, Yes. Nothing else.


Well played :slight_smile:

I look forward to the possibilities once governments and agents come to play. Governments could ration the imports or exhaust themselves allowing free trade. Sales agents and smugglers could coerce unwanted trade. Beautiful mechanics can build off your thoughts here.

It’s good to explore these alternatives for playstyle as they can entice players from outside the typical 4X marketshare.


Years ago I played Eve, and I one of the guys in our corp was strictly a trader. He hung out with a bunch of trigger happy maniacs so he could use them as muscle when needed.

I know that Outscape isn’t Eve (and that’s why I’m still here) but I do hope that as things progress we get more options for how we play. It would be awesome if someone could play as a trader, or an explorer.


Explorer here: bring it on. But the human interaction of trade or war is also interesting. But there is somethgn satisfying about making a “Good deal” in trade over simple combat.

Go read some of Poul Andersons “Trader to the stars” books if you want to get an idea of what I am wittering about :slight_smile:


In past MMO I’d made a niche as an industrialist. In Eve I had a massive collection of blueprints, and was single handedly constructing freighters (back when I played that was a big deal. No idea if it is anymore). A friend was making money hand over fist with trade routes.

Personally, I like games that force you to pick a specialization, and then because of the game mechanics reward you for it. I loved how that was implemented in Earth and Beyond. Explorers were the only ones that could mine, and most top tier weapons required mined resources for construction as well as ammo. Traders could make a hefty sum running trade routes, or manufacturing. Player made weapons were generally better than NPC drops (except some elite weapons that weren’t manufacturerable). Warriors were exactly that. They fought, and they did it well.

This meant that explorers needed warriors to keep them safe while mining in dangerous areas. The miners then sold minerals to traders. The traders used the minerals to build better gear for everyone, but particularly for warriors. Warriors took their awesome gear and went to farm the high-end gear.

Each group had a function, and it allowed a player to get into any playstyle they wanted. The issue there was that skills were set based on race. Eve allowed for any player to learn any skill, but the skill tree was so large that you either had to pick a specialization, or you tried to be a generalist.

I would like to see more distinct roles come into Outscape. Give players the ability to progress through more means than simply expanding an empire.