Morality Meter (and transportation of natives)


Right now, we can only transport the same native race as our own, which means this overhaul of how it works could possibly be implemented to allow transportation of other races.

I welcome the “Morality Meter”. Starts at 0 (Neutral), and it goes from -15 to +15.
-15 to -5 = Rogue Status
-4 to +4 = Neutral Status
+5 to +15 = Protectorate Status

This would involve adding a bar, divided into 1/3rds - 1/3rd red, 1/3rd white, 1/3rd blue (maybe make this editable by the player - so it suits the individual, so if they want Rogue = green, neutral = yellow and protectorate = red, then allow customization of this)

The overhaul comes in like this:
When colonizing a planet with a native race that isn’t the same as you (e.g. Ripchee if you’re Mankind), during the Colonization video, there would be a message saying something like “The natives welcome you to their planet” or “The natives dislike you for taking over” - this would help you to determine if you want to transport them elsewhere. If the natives welcome you, you’re free to transport them with your own people to other planets, if they dislike you and you try to transport them - you’d get Rogue points. But what about Protectorate status? You can gain protectorate status by looking after the natives, stopping rogue players etc.

But is that all?
No. There are some cool icons: At -15, 0 and +15 on the Morality Meter, you get a golden version of the appropriate symbol (Rogue, Neutral or Protectorate) - otherwise you’d see the white version of the symbol. Maybe there can be different variations of the symbol as you move up or down the Morality Meter - but I just want to keep things simple. With just 3 symbols and 2 colors.

@mel - what do you think of this?



I have designed some possible icons that can be displayed next to players fleets - you can tell their exact morality by looking at them - 3 symbols, 2 colors - the golden color only shows at -15, 0 and +15 morality, otherwise it is white.
Edit: Forgive the quality, as I took screenshot of fleet icon in-game before adding the Morality Icons to it
Edit 2: The icons should be a solid white or solid gold - I couldn’t change the color, but added a glow to represent the color instead.



I think it would be better to have something else determine your alignment but that can be added later. If fleet icons are added, your morality can determine another optional icon like the ones discussed here.