Missiles performance

I have just tested missiles against a pirate fleet and due to the target behavior, missiles perform really bad while doing focusdamage. It is intended?

It seems the whole combat system has a bad balance. While missile are supposed to be a long range
weapon, they are used in “melee” combat. Also missiles do very high overkill damage, if the target has 1 HP, there are still shot 100 missiles to this target while missiles don’t support retargeting feature in this game like in Stellaris oder X3.

In addition, missile are pretty slow, causing huge amount of overkill damage while cannons have higher DPS by default and are less affected by retargeting issue due to their projectile speed.

Actually it needs arounf 4 seconds after a target gets destroyed before the next targe is going to take damage.

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Oops wrong file. I think I might have deleted the video showing the missiles, sorry.


You are correct about missile performance, but you are testing them on wrong targets and not using them to their advantage. When fighting pirates cannons work better. Now back to missiles the best/most practical battle formation is the battle line. When you use tier 3 and 4 ships they all do not fit into a single battle line. Cannons can not shoot over other ships but missiles can thus your 2nd or 3rd battle lines would ditch cannons for missiles.

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