Minor Faction Disappeared When colonized

Hello, this happened at 7:56:00 PM EST
System: Wriggant 3
Planet: Wriggant 3E

I wrote down on a notepad to colonize Wriggant 3E which had around 32k harpies -

I double checked it was the right planet when i colonized the planet. When it showed the animation video of colonization, i went to adjust the tax on my new minor faction population and they’re not there.
No planet in the entire system has minor factions now in Wriggant 3

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Please note, the temperature, landmass, and everything on the planet should dictate that harpies should be fine. Unless human/mankind is xenophobic towards harpies only?

Can you share a screen shot of the system’s planet list? Colonizing the planet shouldn’t affect the native race. Only adjusting the climate or land mass will affect it.

Please note, planet Z does not have harpies. It was colonized before me, i checked that there was harpies before i colonized the planet.

I note down all the planets of note for colonization as well on a excel spreadsheet as well.

ok ty, just wanted to confirm. I’m sure @joe can confirm. If it did happen it is certainly a bug. Also I hope you are friends with the planet in red.

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we’re not, but i’m bigger than him and i thought he derped when he took a planet that didn’t have the minor faction. When i colonized, next thing u know, we’re on even plains now in that system cause the harpies flew away.

It’s not a good idea to colonize a planet in someone else’s system unless you’re friends, but I’ll let you sort it out with whomever it is.

I just had the same thing happen. I checked this planet just before colonising it to make sure, and it had Evolvanians on it. After I colonised it, the colonise animation (ship dropping down on planet) played twice for some reason, and after the second animation the Evolvanians disappeared. I should also note that it only says the planet was colonised once in the galactic news.

The planet is… not good at all without the Evolvanians. :frowning:

Edit: I am 100% sure that there were Evolvanians on the planet. I had noted down the planet a couple days before colonising it, then once my colony ship got close to it I zoomed in on it and made sure they were there.

Did both of you replay twice? Might be a clue to reproducing the problem.

@Iris ^ did your colonise animation play twice too?

Was the planet owned by another player? If so, it will boot one race as there can be only 2.

No, it was owned by nobody. Used a colony ship to colonise it.

@Iris @joe I believe I figured out the cause. When a new player spawns in a system, any secondary populations that may have been on any planet in that system is removed. The planet displays that there is a secondary population on the planet until you explore the planet again, so if you check it before you put a fleet in orbit of that planet again, it will seem that there is still a secondary population.

The part about the colonise animation playing twice that I talked about earlier is likely irrelevant, I probably accidentally clicked the alert twice or something.

3 planets that I planned to colonise have been altered or taken by new players. 2 of which removed the secondary population (one Evolvanian one, the one I mentioned earlier in this thread, and the Skregon one shown in the video). 1 of which was taken by a new player.

This has wasted a lot of my colony ships’ time, and I think it would be better if the game prevented players from spawning in systems that have already been explored. Though I suppose that creates its own problems?

Video of a Skregon planet I was planning to colonise losing its secondary population because a new player had spawned in that system (can’t upload mp4 files here so it is a link): https://streamable.com/qfncj

Screenshots of a planet that I had previously scouted being taken over by a player when I returned to colonise it:

(The above planet originally had a different landmass and temperature too, but was altered as the new player was playing as Syntis)

I should also mention, I believe that all home planets should have an equal size and resources (or at least make it race specific, so ripchee has 80% beron and syntis has 70% beron to start with or something like that). Seems a bit unbalanced for some people like this to start with 20000km+ planets where as others (like me) start with home planets around 10000km in size and not all green densities.

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I’m not sure I understand what you are saying here. A native is the original or “1st” population. Are you specifically referring to brand new spawns, overlaying an existing system’s data?

If so this is MORE than just an ordinary bug, it is a problem in the spawning algorithm. And a very serious one indeed! @joe

Well not quite Morri. Currently, there are modifications made to a system when a new player spawns, including choosing one planet to set to ideal temp and landmass and an adjustment of resources to serve as the homeworld, and typically one other planet in the system is given relatively close temp/landmass. In addition, all natives would have to be removed as no home systems have natives. This is the part of the spawning process that Cardinal is referencing. If you had explored it previously, before a new player spawned there, you would still see the old info that was true as of the time you explored it, even if there is no longer a native population. So if you simply set the colonizer to colonize without stopping to explore it again, it will seem as if they disappeared when you colonized.

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I apologize, but I’m still not understanding. Let me take this in 3 simple questions.

  1. Was there a planet that did contain natives (example Evo) that had been confirmed had no major race on it?
  2. Was this planet found to have a “full” colony of a major race subsequent to #1 prior to attempting to colonize the planet?
  3. Did this planet in question, once it had the “full” colony of a major race subsequent to #1 have brand new player structures on it when the attempt to colonize it later caused the “native” race to disappear.

“Spawning creates an entirely new player’s system” including one that is a homeworld. Is this planet in question a “planet” now contained within a “homeworld” system containing a new player not previously there. It is not typical for a “homeworld” system to contain any planets with natives on them. Or certainly wasn’t in A3 or skirmish.

Well I can’t answer all of your questions as I did not find the system, but at no point in this process would there be natives in the home system. That is actually the point, that a new player spawning into that system would modify it such that the natives no longer existed. It is not my understanding that a new player joining creates a new system, as the number of stars seems to be fixed, but rather that a currently existing system is chosen and modified to the standards of a home system.

Ok, I give up. I don’t understand at all what happened then. Hopefully the developers can figure it out @joe

Thanks for reporting this and all of the info you provided.

That sounds like exactly what’s going on in these situations, good job piecing it together, thanks!

I’ll bring it up with the rest of the team and see what the options are.

When the galaxy is first generated systems aren’t generated ready-made for new players to spawn in to. This happens at the time a new player needs to be spawned: the spawning algo takes a suitable system, removes any native populations, and tweaks the resources/environment on planets in that system to the standard conditions of a home system. So if another player had explored that system and seen a native population, it won’t be there when they return if a new player has been spawned into that system in the meantime.