Mining planets for Resources

I could find this particular question in wiki. And can’t figure out how to do it.

How do I mine a planet (not owned by anyone)?
Does it need to be colonized first?
Do I need to change the planets atmosphere?
Or anything else Im missing?

Got this game this week and I must say it seems incredible so far.
Im just early gaming it right now, but sort of see the immense possibilities of this game.
Maybe Im looking to much into it as many a noob has done before this noob. idk

Anyways Cheers and hope to see yall out in the final frontier.

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Hey Beercloud, nice to have you here :slight_smile:
Each planet have 3 levels of resource depth.

1: You can take it with any ship with cargo without mining. Olzine can be taken with fuel modules.
2: You can extract it with tier 1 (aka T1) and T2 mines. Amount of resoursec (aka RSS) is specified by blue number.
3: Dencity percent says how fast will mines works. 80% will be twice faster as 40%. Also, when resources deposit will be depleted, you can still mine infinite amount of RSS with T3 mines. But mining rate will be pretty slow (current % * 0,36).

Planet need to be colonized to build mines there. Atmosphere could be not changed, but if it is ‘red’ for you, population will be decreasing instead of growing.

You can check , and probably most of your questions will be answered there.

Also you can join discord community and get fast answet to any question

Fly safe! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ban.

I did read this right after your reply but got side tracked then forgot all about responding. My bad and thanks again. This game is hella fun so far.

Oh nice. I hadn’t learned that bit about being able to take the top value with cargo ships even if uncolonized. So the first thing I need to do when I make a colony in a new system is loot all the planets it seems. Very helpful info.