Minefields damage fleets in orbit of a planet and it's stupid

Do not park large fleets in orbit of your planets. The enemy can just plant a minefield over the top of you and then poke your orbit with scouts to bait your ships in to moving around and triggering the fields.

Easiest way to win 2020.

Didn’t happen to me but it ALMOST did!

Please get rid of Minefields. Stop breaking your game.

whoever did that, well done.

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Return to the the speed method of I inflicting damage like before. Also losing valuable pirate loot to minefields. They used to not take damage so quick.

Minefield shouldn’t affect ships in orbit, maybe it was changed with the last patch, which would be pretty annoying, if it works in this way now.

In my opinion, ships inside a starsystem should be safe from minefields at all.

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It’s been a problem since they removed speed as a factor for getting hit by mines within a minefield. I had it happen inside orbit once when I was just transferring res from a pod to the planet. They need to turn that back. It makes no sense to go faster and you avoid damage, but slower and take significant damage.

They threatened to stop minefield damage inside systems at one point, but that got lost somewhere in the repeated patches making minefield warfare worse and worse.

One of many reasons why the mine-field mechanic is broken and just generally a bad idea. It is a tool to destroy ships in the cheesiest possible ways.

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