Medical buildings are too expensive

As a test, I just tried building medical buildings to keep my Harpies happy. It took 25 medical buildings to barely make the Harpies happiness go over 0. Those 25 medical buildings in turn required 2 power buildings (it would be 4 if they weren’t Harpies). That cost a total of:
83,000 population
75,500 credits
49,000 Beron

So if the medical buildings aren’t adjusted, then either we have to dedicate the first 83,000 of the native population solely to just keeping them happy (my 13km planet only has a max of 81k native pop) or we need to eliminate all native populations as quickly as possible in order to avoid the riots and costs. That math seems to give a firm answer in my mind, since a negative ROI doesn’t need much thought. Do we really want to tell our players that the best thing you can do with any native population is to kill them off as quickly as possible?

Therefore I suggest that we either reduce the requirements of the medical building, or increase the happiness gained from them, or both. I personally would reduce the population requirement to 1,000, increase the happiness gain to 0.3, and decrease the power requirement to 10 MW. This should make them profitable to leave alive even on smaller planets.

I would agree that medicinal buildings for Syntis should be the same cost as organics have, especially given the fixed tax rate that already straps Syntis in the growth of their credit income. They should be upgradable as well.

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There is a difference between making 1mil+ happy and 100k+ happy. The total population that is being made happy is one tenth. So if using 1000 population makes 1mil pop 0.15 happier, and you divide the pop by ten, then logically the happiness effect should be multiplied by ten.

Case in point, if you have 10 people, and you use 1 dollar to give each person 1 cookie, that means that you bought 10 cookies for that 1 dollar, or 10 cents per cookie. If you only have 1 person, and spend that same 1 dollar, that would give that one person 10 cookies. Or you would spend only 10 cents and get only 1 cookie.

Thus my request to either reduce the cost for the same “percentage” or increase the percentage for the same cost, or a little of both.

1 cookie for one person should cost the same. Where that breaks down currently is that you aren’t making a certain number of population happy, you are making a certain percentage happy.

On smaller planets where you get a maximum of 50k native population, it makes no sense to have to use 83k population to make that 50k population happy.

Regarding equality between Sintis and other organic races, since other organic races don’t have to pay special amounts to keep native population happy, if you really want to make them equal, then Sintis shouldn’t have to pay anything to keep them happy. But I am happy with Sintis paying, just paying a reasonable (feasible) amount.

factions are different, some work better with natives, others dont. if you want to make use of all those native planets then i suggest not playing syntis but some of the other factions so its easier for you to raise happiness.

Nope same issues apply to organics, it’s being generous to give Syntis organic type EC’s, they are cheaper, use less power and are upgradable, but given you already have a low tax rate I think it’s something needed for Syntis. The rest of the time you don’t need to bother with EC’s for a number of structures that organics have to deal with (almost everything).