Mechanics questions: corvettes and their modules

So i know that corvettes have to be the flagship and have the cloak module in order to cloak a fleet. Does this work the same for both detecting cloaked ships and detecting/sweeping mines?

For detecting cloaked ships and mines does the detecting ship have to be stationary? I’m assuming it’s an activated ability similar to the cloak where you spend fuel and then it functions for a set amount of time. And as i understand it you only see “the thing” within the detectors small circle.

When sweeping mines after you’ve detected them you’d send the ship up close or does a sweeping ship actually enter the field? If it enters the field i’ll assume it doesn’t actually take damage from minefields?

Having had no experience on A3, due to a lack of neighbors, it’s a new thing for me :slight_smile:

There is a timer while detecting and you can be moving. A mine sweeper can also blast right through a minefield if it’s sweeping ability is turned on.

Being one of the resident experts on the use of corvettes (due to a mining war on main), the vette must always be the flag to use it’s ability. Whether it’s cloaking, cloak detecting, mine detecting or sweeping. Their ability works when it is stationary or moving, doesn’t matter as long as the timer is active. The detector’s are based on your sensor range, so as your scanners improve the distance you can detect improves.


Cloak and detection of cloak/mines are same. But for sweeping your corvette with sweeping module must be alone. It is sweeping minefield if enters it with activated module

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The sweeper does not have to be alone, I have fuel support with all my vettes, in my case scouts so they stay charged. Other’s have put defensive ships with them, though I wouldn’t recommend it for fast sweeping. But all of the vette’s special modules work on their own as the flagship only.


Incorrect. can be a full fleet with the sweeper as flagship…

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Means that descriprion on sweeping module is a lie or sweepers bugged? Hehe I’m was too naive to believe it.

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Sorry for inconvenience. The description will be fixed with the next update.

Does that means that I can just chose sweeper saber as flagship, add 11 battleships (or freighters or cruisers or whatever), activate module and go boldly with no damage from mines at all?

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Yes I do it all the time, not with a saber, but with my sweeper from PR.

well i think that needs to be addressed because that right there makes mine fields completely and utterly useless.

you don’t have to detect them, you don’t have to sweep them. You just assume they are there when approaching an enemy system and activate your flagship and sail right on in with your fleets.

broken is broken.

Why do you consider that broken? You fly through them, sweep the mines anyways and with T2, sweep them in 6 min lol. You can only carry enough non-vette ships that your flagship will hold. In my case as PR that is 3 other ships. I know Ripchee have a bigger advantage because they can carry 11 other ships, and I believe Mankind and Syntis can carry along 5 additional ships. I rarely add a non-scout to my sweepers because I want to fly through them at W4-9 so the defender has a harder time catching me lol.

In general they are very weak and easy for a defender to kill when they are in their own minefield if you are having non-vette/scouts in the fleet. They can sit there cloaked and pick off you easily. Kill the sweeper the other ships can’t move any longer or die in the minefield.

If you want to call anything broken that is the sweeper itself when it is T2, it sweeps entirely too fast. Makes minefields useless. Takes an hour to lay them and 6 min to sweep them gone. And sweeping at 4/9 speed makes the sweeper almost impossible to catch. I made some recommendations regarding both minelaying and sweeping in a post quite a while back.

Guess i had missed the 6 minute sweeping bit somehow. I knew they could be swept fast, just didn’t realize it was THAT fast. That being the case it’s not as bad as first appearance. Even if sweep speed were fixed though, a ripchee fleet can still do fairly well in numerous instances with fleets of 12 ships not having to stop to sweep mines. Not as beneficial to other races to be sure.

I know that you can’t increase the speed of laying minefields by using extra ships, but can you sweep with more then one ship to lower time? If so doesn’t seem that would be balanced, just asking.

For T1 there is a distinctive improvement with more than one sweeper. It takes an hour to sweep a single minefield with a single T1 sweeper, so adding more shortens the time it takes. For T2, I’d imagine it would also shorten the time, but since it’s so short anyways, using multiple T2 sweepers isn’t really cost effective unless you’re dealing with multiple minefields (which I have in our mining war), then having multiple sweepers is a must.

Still seems lil off to be that easy to take minefields down. An hour to put them up, and you can’t speed that up, but you can take them down in as little as 6 minutes? Almost less then a road bump.

I agree, I’d proposed in another post that the time for laying mines should increase as the tier of the mine-laying increased and that sweeping should take no less than half the time to sweep as it takes to lay them. All mines from T1 to T3 take an hour regardless of their strength. Sweeping goes from 1 hr at T1, which I feel is too long, to 6 min at T2, which I feel is too short. They should probably remove the stacking ability if they reduce the time for the T1 as well. As it is, unless the defender is offline or otherwise occupied, the likelihood of getting the mines swept in the hour with a T1 sweeper is slim.

A general comment on the Saber as a flagship. While it “can” hold 11 battleships in theory, with the present size of the flag’s circle, you can not arrange how the ships are placed in the fleet, they are extremely close together and if you use regular kinetic or energy weapons you will have LOS issues. So it is only useful if a large number of the ships are missile/torpedo that do not need LOS in order to fire. I’m still playing around with the fleet design, if I find anything different I will update this post.

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